Best Ways To Use Mandala Colouring Books

Mandalas are very popular geometric designs used in the colour books now to create beautiful pictures. Originally these are used as a Hindu Ritual symbol.

Mandalas were originated as a ritual symbol of Hinduisms and these are mainly intricate geometric shapes. Though mandalas still have a good connection with spirituality and religion, on arts, these mandalas have significant influence now.

Also, for the colouring books, these mandalas have become very popular. If you are willing to create some spectacular pieces using mandalas, here are a few mandala colouring tips which you can definitely follow:-

  • Choose Proper Colours First:-No matter which type of colouring it is, most of the times it gets very tempting to grab a lot of colours and this is especially applicable for the mandalas as its intricate shapes and swirling patterns may make you wish to be wide-ranging and random with the colour scheme.

Traditionally in the Hindu meditative rituals, these mandalas were used to help the people to focus on the mind, similarly even now, these mandalas are about relaxation and focus. So, if you end up colouring the mandalas in any way you want, the finished product will be anything but relaxing. For a simple mandala, less is more and it will look more striking if you limit the colours. You should have a controlled colour scheme in your mind before starting to colour your mandala.

  • Starting From the Centre:-The best mandalas are those which are balanced. To make sure your mandala is well balanced, it is always a wise idea to start the colouring from the centre and then to work on it outwards. In this way, you will be capable of colouring the mandala logically and eventually in the creation of a symmetrical piece.
  • Being Meticulous:-Being meticulous is the ultimate key to colouring a mandala beautifully. For the repeating patterns of the mandala, always try to use similar colours. This way the mandala will look symmetrical and balanced and more satisfying.

For this reason, it is always advised to start the colouring from the centre as only then you will be able to survey the entire piece easily and then see the repeating parts quickly. It may appear to be tedious to colour the similar patterns in the same manner over and over again and you may think that there is no creativity in this process. But in reality, the mandala is all about giving attention to all the minute details, if you can do that, your mandala will stand out.

  • Relaxing:-Though you are required to be meticulous while painting mandala, you need to be relaxed. Concentration and relaxation may seem to be an oxymoron, but if you cannot be in a relaxed mood, you will not be able to concentrate properly and then the final product will look strained and tense.

But mandalas should not reflect that. So, while are colouring, stop over thinking about anything, have fun, enjoy the colouring and let your creative instinct overpower your tensed self. Once you get absorbed in this colouring you stress will fade away automatically.

  • Tonal Blends And Gradients:-smooth colour gradations will make the mandala look striking instantly. You can use chameleon pens or this purpose.

Mandalas are met to relax your mind and to help you to concentrate and focus. So, colour the mandalas carefully so that they do not lose their purpose and charm. Presently, in the colouring books, the mandalas are being widely used. Follow some tricks and tips, learn how to colour these mandalas on Trippy Mandala and then create a beautiful picture.

Above mentioned methods are to help you and to impart knowledge about mandala colouring in you.

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