Be Comfortable All Day in Loungewear

How to Style Loungewear

Who hasn’t dreamt of the COVID-19 pandemic being over so that everyone can go back to their regular lives? Who hasn’t spent a minute cursing the “new normal” and what it might mean for the world? To this, some would argue, “Enjoy the now.” Why? It’s the only time in your life you’ll ever have to lounge around the house and do nothing. Why not spend some time shopping for clothes? You’ll be spoilt for choice with the number of new websites popping up every day. Most of all you can create and curate a new wardrobe for your days spent at home. Welcome to the world of loungewear, where you can sit in your Zoom calls in utter comfort. 

What is Loungewear anyway? Loungewear can be defined as comfortable clothing in which you feel unencumbered and relaxed. Loungewear is the perfect attire for spending days chilling at home. Loungewear is typically casual and is not used for parties or dressy events, as the name implies, it is perfect for ‘lounging’.

Different Kinds of Loungewear

What are the different kinds of loungewear available in the market today? To start with, you have loose or unfitted blouses. The idea behind loose tops is that so you can move around freely. Usually, bras are not needed when dressing up in loungewear. The top allows for movement with ease and freedom from constrictions. If the top has a tighter fit, the material or fabric is usually stretchy cotton which conforms every which way your body moves. 

Then, you have the bottom part of the outfit, which ranges from shorts, pants, or a skirt. Shorts are often loose (unless they are biking shorts) and have an elasticized waist. The idea is for the waistline to expand and shrink with ease, depending on how much the wearer has eaten. The shorts usually do not have any particular design other than being comfortable and not difficult to wear.

If the bottom is a pair of pants, they are usually loose, like jogging pants, and made from a lightweight and breathable fabric. Loungewear depends on comfort, so a skirt absolutely cannot be tight. They are not as popular as shorts or pants because there are certain ways you can’t sit when wearing a skirt.

Dress in Loungewear while Staying Home or Going Out—It’s All Fine in This Pandemic

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There are many shops online that have an enormous catalogue of loungewear to last you every single day of lockdown—even if lockdown ends up being over a year long. These shops specialize in clothing made for ease and comfort.

What’s not to like about loungewear? You’re never restricted in movement, you can sit any way you want, you can go from breakfast to bed to the next day in them, and you can even wear them in your Zoom meetings. (Make sure you choose a dressier-looking top.) Nowadays, a trend in loungewear is using them out of the house. 

You can wear them when you go for shopping or to lunch, much like you could use tracksuits in the 1990s for everyday wear. Of course, it’s better to live in a relatively more stylish community when you wear loungewear because people know that it’s a fashion statement. Still, with the pandemic going on and the need to stay home, people generally understand that you can’t be bothered to dress up to go to the grocery store. 

Loungewear are Everywhere

Most brands you favour have a line of loungewear or key pieces of loungewear in their collections. From small brands to large ones, cheaper mass-market brands to high-end brands—all sell loungewear to varying degrees. 


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