Touring wineries in Orange Has Never Been Easier

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On a global front, it would only be fair if we say orange wine is now taking over, and is not being a fad anymore. And for all the wine aficionados, who yet don’t know what it is, should quickly buckle up.

For starters, you need to first know it isn’t made up from oranges. Wow, surprising, isn’t it? It is made by the same skin contact process used for making red wine through red grapes. The contact gives it it’s golden hue, fondly known as orange wine. This process might be new to you, but the skin contact way of making wine dates back to up to 8000 years.

But have you heard of the place Orange, New South Wales? That place does not specialize in Orange wine, but does specialize in the art of Wine making and Wine tasting. Below we bring to you everything you need to know about the place.

  1. Printhie Wines

Located in Nashdale, the first one we bring to you are veterans in Champagne Houses for Southern France but are newly stepping into the wine scene. But you can never underestimate them, because the ethereal beauty that you will witness once you walk through their cellar door would be unreal.

Initiated by Swift Brothers, the idea behind them coming into the wine scene is quite interesting. Like we said, being veterans in Champagne Houses, they believe that people drink Champagne whenever they feel like but wines are reserved for special occasions.

All they want to do is change this cliche and make wines an everyday drink. Apart from that, they also offer dedicated tasting on offer where one among the duo will walk you through different kinds of wines.

  1. Hoosegg
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Before going any further, we need to tell you that Hoosegg is the home of one of the greatest winemakers time has seen, Philip Shaw. If you are a wine enthusiast, you must have definitely heard this name.

This explains the reason why this place only sees an appointment-only meeting. You are lucky if you get one!

Hoosegg is the new label which Shaw has started, and has won numerous industry accolades in the first 2 years. Trust me, once you step foot in this divine place, you would find it difficult to leave the place without a couple of bottles.

  1. Ross Hill Wines

With cherry trees and vine rows, all you need is some exotic wines to make it a once in a lifetime moment. Especially the cool climate wines. This is exactly what Ross Hill Wines has to offer.

They believe that their wine is best drunk out in the open, under the sun, and that explains why they have ample amounts of seating. They use sustainable farming methods to produce wines because of which they were also awarded as the first carbon-neutral winery in the area.

However, to experience its beauty, you must book your appointment in advance and the duo also host long lunches during weekends.

  1. De Salis Wines

What makes this place different and special from the rest? Of course, the wine is world class, but what we really find attractive about this place is that it is situated 1050m above sea level, halfway up the northern slope of a volcano, probably the best location in the central west of New South Wales.

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Plus, what they do different from the rest is that they rely on minimal intervention methods, sourced from lofty vineyards. The attention to detail is the most in this process, something you will not find in the rest of the vineyards.

Well if you are going to New South Wales, you need to take time out only for one thing, that is, Wine Tasting. They are probably the best in the world, and even if you aren’t passionate about wine, you do not want to miss this opportunity.

Wine, like we said, is reserved only for special occasions, and trust me, when you walk through those cellar doors, you will not find a moment more special to that, all because of the aura it comes with. If this wasn’t enough and you are seeking more information on the wineries in Orange – read here.


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