The Latest Innovation Towards Robotics

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The machines or robotics has deeply engraved not only in business but also in our daily life. They are expected to continue towards the automotive sector, pharmacist, and more. Countless robots have already contributed to higher quality products in the business.  Robots are prone to fewer errors and work faster and accurate the human.

With business lean towards robotics, they can now produce more product without reducing its quality. With robotics, it needs a mechatronic to main and fix if there are problems occurred within the machine. Here are the latest robotics innovation.

Google Worker's Robots

They are planning to make a worker robots with personalities. It can be achievable through serious programming. Google has a procedure where it will enable the machine to download personalities through a cloud-based system. The robot can now have multiple personalities when interacting with the human base on the programmed produced by the engineer.


has a democratic approach to robotics in which modular robots are combined with a plug and play module which can make a product or task with a pre-program software based on the user's needs. This bots help the industrial industry business as they need a fast and accurate for making products without compromising the quality itself.

Robotic Arms

is an innovation towards workers, as it has a series of collaborative arms that do tasks repetitive with fast and accurate quality in industrial processes. With this machine, producing more product without compromising the quality is very helpful in industrial businesses.

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Saul Robot

was designed to fight deadly diseases like viruses that are contaminated. Saul robot eliminates the traces of Ebola virus using the highly energetic ultraviolet rays. It weakens the cell of the virus. Since humans might be effective with this virus, this robot helped contaminate the virus.


it is a robot dog that was created by sony. The release of Aibo robot dog was 20 years ago. They discontinue to develop this robot until today. But now they added some new abilities for human companions. This is one of the successful robotics made 20 years ago.

Asus Zenbo

Is a robot capable to understand verbal commands and rolling around autonomously. Zenbo was created to help individuals to remember basic tasks like jogging, taking medicine, and even schedule appointments. Zenbo can also detect emergencies as well as capable of connecting your smart-home components like CCTV, lights and door lock.

Da Vinci

Is machine innovation called Surgical Systems that helps the doctor on operating room. It is a technology that provides HD 3D view inside a patient's body were surgeon can complete an accurate surgeries in operation.

This machine is cable on bending and rotating beyond the human limitations that's helpful for surgeons in doing surgery operation to the patient. It is also capable of performing through minimal incisions with an ergonomically designed console.

Automated WEEE Sorting 1

It is a robotic innovation towards recycling. This robot aims to pluck discarded batteries from electrical product waste. It can also detect and sort items according to the value and classification of effective recycling. It also adapts to new information or setup for most of the time.


It can adjust the behaviors towards the item and process it. In can also change the priority picks and adopts the value change. It not just a robot that recycles but it can determine the value of the items itself. It is not a perfect robot but it is safe to say that it is revolutionary.

Mate Exoskeleton

It is an innovative technology that can help you in your daily work. this is a wearable skeleton that relieves effort and weight that offers breathable wearing experience. The primary goal of mate is to assist the user in repetitive movement and strain.

 Is has an extra postural support and non-resistant movement support to prove a lightweight experience even doing repetitive task. The suit can help reduce the muscular and cardiac fatigue while improving the precision of repetitive task as the suits replicate all the movements of the user across the shoulder.


With this innovation towards robotics, it greatly helps us in our daily work, business, and even suppressing viruses. Technology innovation is limitless. It has so much potential that the world is leaning and depending on technology. Just keep it in mind that even with this innovation, there is always a threat as they can use this in a bad way.

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