Creatively Cool Boho Summer Outfits

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Getting all dressed up during the summertime can be very tricky - one too many articles of clothing and you find yourself absolutely sweltering in the summer sun, but one too little and you start to feel far too casual and dare you say, slightly chilly? There’s quite a list of things you want to achieve with your summer wardrobe, you want to keep cool, feel unique, look flattered and healthy - it shouldn't be too much to ask! If you’re feeling somewhat stuck what with the turn of the seasons, read on. Here are a few creatively cool ideas and outfits for stepping up that style game of yours this summer…

An Oversized Tea Dress 

A floating, flirty oversized tea is the epitome of feminine summer chic! Look for a poplin cotton fabric in a pretty pastel or clean white for a fresh warm weather outfit. The more A-line and oversized you go for here the better, it’s such an easy statement look. Wear with platform espadrilles and a pearl studded clutch bag for a sweet outfit or toughen it up with chunky leather brogues, black nail polish and plenty of silver chain style jewelry. This is the statement piece that you’ll have fun styling for so many years to come, so it’s worth investing in!

Crochet All Day 

Crochet is back in a big way, and it’s the perfect summer trend to adopt if you want to channel that cool boho chic vibe that we’re all always chasing. You can fully embrace this gorgeous look by opting for a co-ord crochet outfit, look for knitted flare pants and pair with a matching crochet cami top. Finish with an oversized button-up shirt, a bucket bag and a wide brimmed woven hat. Feeling like something slightly subtler? Go for a crochet dress layered over your favourite silk slip, finish with stiletto style sandals and a leather clutch bag.

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Colour Contrasts 

A colour contrast is one of the simplest ways of standing out with an outfit that looks like it was professionally styled, but in all reality it took you about two minutes put together - which, if we’re all being honest, is the dream. Choose two statement tones for an eclectic take on boho chic, try pairing orange and lilac, red and pink or navy and forest green. Use one tone for your clothing and the other for your accessories. Feeling more subtle? You can’t go wrong with cream and black, a contrast made in colour-clash heaven! Resin jewelry is one of the easiest ways of bringing a colour contrast to a piece, plus it’s not too expensive.

Perfect Poncho 

Ponchos are coming back in a big way! A beautifully made cashmere, silk or crochet poncho is so boho, so unique and ever so stylish for summer! Drape over literally anything you like - linen shorts, a floaty mini skirt and boots, wide leg pants, swimmers or denim. Invest in a quality poncho in a block neutral to get years and years of wear out of it, you won’t regret splurging on one of these if boho fashion is what makes your heart beat - promise!

And there you have it, some fresh, creatively cool takes on hot weather dressing. Give yourself the room to be experimental and move outside of your comfort zone this summer, fashion is all about fun after all! Get shopping for core pieces to make getting dressed for summer easy and stylish.


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