5 Tips To Hire Yacht Charter In Caribbean

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The Caribbean is a place in America that comprises of Caribbean Sea, islands and surrounding coasts. This region lies in the southeast of the Gulf of Mexico and the North American mainland, east of Central America and south of North America.

Caribbean is a place where people love to hire yacht charters and to spend their vacations. One’s desire is to have some good tips to hire yacht charter in Caribbean, so fewer of these are described below:

1. Where to go for best yacht charter experience in Caribbean:

The usual Caribbean vacation means flying to a destination and having a stay there. Drifting is a little better, but even then u are only getting the shortest exposure to your ports of call. Island hopping by regional airlines is expensive, and the services are often confined and non- existent. Yacht charters are available across Caribbean; mostly the islands have hidden beaches, beach bars, dive stops and sheltered harbors which you can plan an itinerary around.

Geography dictates that if you want to visit more than one island than you’ll require to pay heed over the destinations that have some islands with a comfortable sail from one another. Especially, the Bahamas OUT Islands are another admirable place, which is actually around the Abacos.

In the U.S.Virgin Islands St.Thomas and St.John are just a stone's throw from each other, the British Virgin Islands are comfortably accessed  from either side. Moreover, Yacht Charter in Caribbean is an excellent way to have a fantastic time pass. Within the BVI,there are an astonishing array of islands  so one can work into a charter itinerary consisting of island resorts ,beach bars and the baths ,the most dramatic dive spots in Caribbean.

Grenadines  includes the big island of St.Vincent, Bequia, Union Islands and Carriacou and some private islands which contain luxurious  Palm Island and Petit St.Vincent.

2. Who To Charter With:

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There are many yacht chartering  choices in Caribbean which ranges from individual owners who’ll happily serve as captain and crew ,therefore takes you  around the beautiful places of the island on their boat to big companies and then one can learn to sail journeys.Later on,The zunzun sailing is the largest company which is chartered with catamaran cruise around the British Virgin Islands.Actually,when we sail from the BVI,St.Thomas,Grenada,St.Martin , and St.Lucia;Sunsail has bases in these destinations  as well as Antigua, Belize, and the Bahamas.

3.Captain or Without Captain:

Here, a question arises that  can you sail without a captain?

Can you cruise good enough to be entrusted with  unknown boats in unknown coasts?

Then you might let a bareboat charter in the Caribbean.For remaining landlubbers,a good option is to sign up for a crewed charter although that crew means just  a captain.Here in our case,just is not the correct word to explain our Moorings captain.

Also it must be noticed that captain’s job does not contain “chef” or “waiter” :you‘ll need to bring your own food and make it by yourself and along with this making your own bed and cleaning up your own mess, until you wanna pay for additional  crew members to these jobs.And at last of trip, a nice trip is definitely praised for captain’s job well performed.

4.What Kind Of Boat Should You Charter?

Chartering options comprises of sailing yachts and power yachts,even though that’s a misnomer ,since the sail yachts are strengthened also.A family consisting of two to three members must hire a smaller yacht while in spite of this ,big family must hire a bigger yacht.

5.Tips You must Have To Know Before Your Charter:

  • You have to provide your boats :which means storing it up with sufficient food, drinks, alcoholic beverages for the trip.
  • Generally, ports of call, marinas, resort catering to sailers ‘ll have some shopping options 
  • Zunzun sailing’ll also provision your boat already,for a fee.You must keep some money for giving a tip to your captain :15 or 20 % of the cost of charter is customary. Also keep in mind to have adequate provisions to your captain .
  • Plan your itinerary for the trip and the captain can help to tune your trip.
  • Avoid over-packing.Charter yacht cabins are small ,and you’ll likely pass most of the days in the bathing suit and t-shirts. And you have to be casual and bare feet ‘which are the principles of your yacht!
  • Keep nature’s clothes dryer : simply drop your wet clothes on the rail of your yacht and let the tropical breeze to do its work.
  • Also keep your sunscreen and power cords with yourself  for your mobile phone and speakers.

Zunzun Sailing is one of the best yacht sailing and massage spa service providers in the Caribbean Virgin Islands. We have been providing services for more than 25 years. 

Zunzun sailing working excellently and the business of yacht charter is flourishing in a positive way.

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