6 Reasons Why You Should Buy a TV Antenna


The tables are turning with the TV antennas coming back. For those of you, who haven’t yet thought to cut the cord should do so. Since this is the perfect time to cut the cable and move on with free TV. There are a lot of cord cutters who have taken the plunge and enjoy free TV as well as streaming services. Surely they regret on holding the cable for so long. Another reason why cord-cutters are taking the plunge and investing on antennas is because it is just one-time investment. There is no need to pay those monthly subscription bills. Keeping all this in mind, let us have look at some of the reasons why an individual should purchase a TV antenna:

Cable companies have been cheating you:

For watching your favourite local channels, the cable companies would charge you around $10 each month. But this is something wherein you need not pay money. Local channels are available absolutely free of cost to the viewers with the installation of TV aerial. This was not something many people were aware about hence the cable companies took advantage of this factor and started charging exorbitant pricing. There is an obvious question, why should one pay for those channels which are available over-the-air and also waiting for you? Hence purchase a TV antenna and save your money. Though you may come across some expensive options of TV antennas but surely it would be a good deal. Also there is no need to purchase multiple antennas for multiple TV’s in the house. Try out one antenna first and then look out for other options such as splitters or DVR if there is a need for it.

TV antennas mean free TV:

There are a lot of local channels such as ABC, Fox, CBS, NBC and so on which are meant to be viewed free of cost. By installing the appropriate TV antenna, it would ensure that you receive all of those channels on your TV absolutely free of cost. All you would need to do is, just pay one-time for purchasing the TV antenna and then enjoy lifetime free local channels. Don’t worry about it being illegal. TV antennas are very much legal and there is nothing wrong in getting free TV.

Better picture quality:

Having cable would mean more than hundreds of channels but at compressed picture quality. Talking about the TV antennas, you get all of the local channels with an uncompressed HD quality. When the picture is uncompressed it means you can view them in high-definition format. This is something even your cable or satellite television would not offer you.

Variety of programs:

TV antennas are no longer boring. They provide you with all of the local channels available in your area. These local channels carry a bunch of package for their viewers including, news, sports, entertainment and also live sports. Hence you can enjoy your Super-Bowl or variety of other late night shows absolutely free with the TV antenna. These local channels also showcase a variety of top rated series with each season. Hence there are plenty of options available for you with the TV antenna.

Weather proof:

A slight bad weather would mean that there is no availability of cable for that day. But by getting a strong antenna, you are also keeping yourself prepared for the bad weather. Even when the cable goes out, you are still set. The local channels are always made available through the TV antenna so that people are always kept informed about any type of emergency.

Streaming and antennas:

Getting a TV antenna would help you identifying the complete entertainment package. There are a number of top shows available on the channels provided by TV antenna. If you have certain other shows or series which are not available on the local channels, then you can surely check out various streaming services provided. These are basically on-demand streaming services that come with a package. A combination of TV antenna and streaming service would surely ensure that you do no miss out on the daily dose of entertainment. It is all about selecting the best package.

TV antennas are quiet simple in terms of installation as well. It is all about getting the right pick. You can visit various websites such as Antennaweb.org, TVFool.com or FCC wherein all you would need to do is just input your address details or area code ad you are good to go. It would provide you with details such as the number of channels which are available in your area, the distance of the broadcasting tower, the signal strength and what type of antenna would be suitable for you. This information in a way, makes it easier for searching the antenna. Based on these details you can finalise the antenna you would go in for. Once the purchase is done, the installation part is simpler. In terms of an indoor antenna, all you would need to bear in mind is the placement. Since these antennas are indoor, they would need to positioned in such a location wherein it becomes easier for picking the signal. In terms of an outdoor antenna, you get either a single piece with no assembling required or there are antennas wherein assembling would be needed. Once the assembly is done, follow the instructions mentioned on the leaflet on how to mount the antenna and pointing it to the right direction.

So if you are still a cable or satellite service viewer and thinking about whether to cut the cord or no. Think no further, the reasons for an antenna weigh more than the cable or satellite TV. The biggest being cost-saver. This is a deal you surely would not regret going in for. Also as mentioned earlier, TV antennas are not costly. It is all about making the right pick. Once you get the best choice, just get it installed properly and go ahead with watching all of your favourite shows without any interruption.

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