Experience Before Marriage: 3 Happy Love Stories

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Marriage is an experience that many young people want to have. In this day of online relationships, it seems easy to fall in love, have fun and then break up, all in a day’s work. Relationship life cycles appear to be getting shorter and moving at frenzying speeds. While many people find love on popular dating sites, especially on mail order bride platforms, there’s still something nostalgic about a good old fairytale romance. The romance is sweeter when both individuals tie the knot and build a life together. Whether from online dating or old-fashioned strokes of luck, these 3 couples have shared their love stories with us.

Dean and Carter

“Dean and I met in October 2001. There was this party I was at with my friends. I really didn’t want to be there because I was so tired from working all week, but I also didn’t want to disappoint the girls so I tagged along. I had not the slightest energy to dance, and even far less patience for chitchats, so when this young man in a fedora hat approached me, I already had the “Leave me alone, creep” look boldly written on my face. He did the expected. He introduced himself and asked my name.

I told him I wasn’t interested and he said he noticed I wasn’t interested in anything, and that that was why he came over. That single statement changed everything. There, standing before me was a strange man, who noticed how I felt inside even in the deafening noise and blinding strobe lights. I felt a little easier within me and soon enough, we got talking.

Our first date was two weeks later and he was very sweet. We were texting before that and I mentioned a place I used to go to with my dad when I was a kid. He picked it up and without asking me, set up a date there. It further proved his intuitiveness.

When asked the question, “When should you get married?”, he responded “when you’re ready”. It was so cute! Dating him wasn’t all rosy and there were some down times. Though he was the most daring and proactive man I have met, he didn’t consider other people’s opinions before acting. This was because of his stern upbringing. However, he was willing to change when he noticed how it affected me.

Slowly but surely, he started to take my advice on situations, and now I feel every bit as valid in our decision making than ever before. Dating Dean was great, but being married to him is the best thing ever!”

Precious and Sogi

“Though we met online, meeting with Sogi wasn’t at all as you’d expect. You see, it wasn’t planned. I’m an artist, and she’s a journalist. I regularly post my art on social media platforms for people to admire. Other artists do the same and that’s how we get to network. Sogi isn’t an artist, so till date, I still don’t understand why she posted that artwork she made of her ex. A couple of people laughed at the drawing because it wasn’t exactly professional art, but it had a lot of soul and I knew it. I told her how great it was and she was glad someone liked it.

We got talking and realised that we had more in common than you’d expect from an artist and a journalist. We lived in different states but she still agreed to visit me. It wasn’t the conventional first date because we spent all our time indoor watching movies and laughing.

After the third date, we were in love. The relationship blossomed better than we expected. At some point, I grew sceptical because it seemed too good to be true. Well, it wasn’t!

She was a great listener and I had my way with words. When we had our differences, we quickly settled them as we were both willing to admit our wrongs and compromise. She was a modern day feminist, and I loved her.

We weren’t worried about how long to date before marriage. We just believed we’d both know when the time was right. We did! We were still indoor on the day I proposed to her. Though I was a little fancier than usual, it was still “our thing.” No awkward stares from strangers, no hoots and people shouting, “Kiss him!” She loved that it was just us, and so did I!”

Taj and Andreea

A man from Bombay, India and a woman from Brașov in Romania – what in the world brought us together? A mail order wives platform did. Taj was looking to order brides since he wasn’t interested in the lady his parents tried to hook him up with. I was there because I wanted to experience what it felt like to date across borders.

He saw my profile and liked it. When I saw his message, I was excited because I’d never been with an Asian before. Actually, I’d never been with anyone apart from my Romanian ex. I responded and soon, we were chatting away like we’d known each other for ages.

We asked many questions and got to know our shared interests. He likes Roman mythology and I was a sucker for the Roman god, Mars. It was just awesome to connect with him that easily.

After four months of keeping in touch, he flew to Romania to see me. I showed him around town and we had a lovely first date at a cool restaurant in the heart of the city. He was so attentive and I loved him even more. He made mode trips to Romania to see me and soon, we agreed to get married. We met my parents and got their approval, settled the paperwork with the mail order agents and got married. We now live together in India and the entire experience is one I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world.

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