5 Important products for maintaining your swimming pool – 2019

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This article is for all the swimming pool owners out there. I also have a swimming pool (specifically, I have an Intex above ground pool), so I know what it takes to maintain the pool and every bit of it. Many of us what to buy a house with a pool but at times we decide not to buy one because we think the maintenance will be costly and it might just not add up. So we get ourselves a membership of a pool club or a club with pool services. I am here to tell you why to join clubs when you can have your own private pool. You just have to invest right and some caution. You can maintain your pool easily if you know and use the right products. In this article, I will talk about the most friendly and important products which should be used for maintaining your swimming pool. All the products mentioned below are easily available and doesn't burn a hole in your pocket. I know you have always wanted on private pool and now you can have one. All the products are user-friendly and are being used by all the owners. I am writing this article based on a survey I have done, so be sure of the products I am going to mention.

Swimming pool maintenance is a huge business hence there is end number of products in the market. Being a swimming pool owner it is so obvious that we get confused which product to buy and which not to buy. This industry is so big that every day there is a new product launched, every product claim to be the best and better than the rest. I personally use the products I am going to mention now. I am a very satisfied buyer of all these products and I recommend you to try them as soon as possible.

  • Pool Brushes

The most important part of maintaining your pool is how clean is are your tiles and surroundings. The pool should always be kept free of algae and films which form on walls and corners. Pool Brushes comes in different shapes and sizes. Different type of brushes is required to clean the surface and wall of pools. One should use brushes to clean their pool every week. For cleaning the corners and steps there are brushes available in the market. Once should have a kit of brushes, if they want their pool clean and free of algae and films. Every week brushes should be used, without any delay.

  • Leaf Trap
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As most of the pools are in open. Even if you try hard, someway or somehow there will be leaves or twigs on the surface on your pool. Leaves and twigs are masters in clogging your pool and mess with the pump at times. So in order to save our pool from getting clogged which may eventually leave your pump vulnerable and break it down, you should get yourself a leaf trapper. Leaf trapper is put at the end vacuum hose so that it can trap all the unwanted material. Leaf traps are a must as it stops not only leaves or twigs but anything which can clog the pool like a pebble, some debris etc.

  • pH products

The main ingredient for an amazing pool is its water quality. The water pH level should be balanced. The amount of chlorine to be used must be known otherwise water is smelly. The quality of water should be checked regularly and measures should be taken to maintain it. There are many types of products in the market for measuring the pH value and chlorine value of the water. You need to own a water tester and one pH level measuring device by using them on a regular basis you can maintain the quality of water. This product is available in different forms like a digital reader, test strips. Buy anyone you think suits your need.

  • Vacuum

The type of Vacuum you use for your pool is very important because what vacuum does is the most important aspect of maintenance. You should always invest in the best vacuum for pools, because no matter how much you invest in products like pH products, brushes, chlorine, pump etc. if you have not invested in the vacuum you are inviting trouble. You can say vacuum is the backbone of the Swimming pool. If the backbone is not strong all of your other efforts are going to get unnoticed and you will fail eventually.

  • Chlorine
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If Vacuum is the backbone, then chlorine is the lifeline for swimming pools. Chlorine is something you must use cautiously, too much of chlorine makes the water smelly and it is advised not to overdo the chlorine treatment.

You don't want to swim in untreated water, right? Chlorine kills all the germs present in the water and makes it safe for you. There are types of chlorine available in the market like tablet chlorine, liquid chlorine, and powder chlorine. It doesn't matter in which form you use chlorine, just make sure you buy chlorine from a registered dealer.

So these 5 products mentioned are being used by me and they have not disappointed me. I am a proud owner of a pool and I enjoy my swimming pool every day. Just make sure all the products you buy are bought from a dealer. The advertisement market is full of gimmicks and there are many producers who are not genuine. So be cautious of what you are buying and from where. I would prefer you going on your own to a dealer and getting all the products on your own, I don't recommend a service provider. Take some time out, tag someone along if you want to and go get these babies. This is not an extensive list of products, these are my favorites. You are welcome to try need products which work for you. I am not endorsing any particular brand here. I am just sharing my experience with you and I hope it helps you somewhere.

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