Things to Consider Before Booking Hotels in Pattaya

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Pattaya is no less than an emotional roller coaster ride. The vibrant blues of the ocean by the day fills you with a sense of serenity, the breath-taking sunsets and sunrises feed your urban soul and as soon as the sun goes down the electrifying night life will completely pump you while you party your way to another sunrise. And, let’s not forget the numerous water sports and activities that will flood you with adrenaline to the brim. So, if you have been craving for a getaway then look no further than this Thai spot. 

This vibrant coastal city attracts hordes of travellers from all over the globe owing to the endless possibilities it offers in terms of entertainment and comfortable stay. However, if it is your first-time visit to this aquatic attraction, then there is a fair chance that you will book a hotel that isn’t the best fit for you. There is an overwhelming number of accommodations that are available for you are bound to mess up with your head, which completely blemishes your vacation. So, here are the things you should be wary off when you are looking for Pattaya hotels.


It is obviously imperative to find a hotel which is located in part of the city where you intend to spend most of your vacation time. When it comes to Pattaya, you will probably want to stay close to the beach. Pattaya is blessed with a variety of beaches. If you are with the family and looking for some relaxing fun time, Jontiem Beach is where you should be. If you are craving some adrenaline rush, then head over to the Pattaya Beach which is beaming with adventure and thrill.  Bang Saen Beach is there for those looking for peace. So, whichever beaches you choose make sure that you are staying close. 

The hotel should also be in a location where most spots of attraction are close by. Study the map very keenly and only then fixate on your hotel.


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Your hotel should be very easily accessible to car or bike. So, anything confined within busy, dingy lanes is a complete no-no. Not only should your choice of stay be accessible by vehicles, but it should also be close to public transport spots like bus stops, subways, you can travel your heart out even on a student’s budget. There should also be a decent parking lot, so you can park a car in case you happen to rent one, which is a very good option when you are with family or a bunch of friends. Also, inquire if the hotel itself offers shuttle services to pick you up or drop you to your destination.

Rooms and Amenities

When you are on vacation, you want optimum comfort and relaxation, and your hotel plays a key role in providing you so. The rooms should not only be spacious and clean but should also come with at least the basic amenities such as Wi-Fi, a telephone which will help you make local as well as international calls, air conditioning because the beachy destination can turn quite hot and humid like any typical tropical spot, a mini refrigerator, microwave to warm up your meals, etc. The requirement of amenities is quite subjective, so you should be the one to figure out what is absolutely essential and what is there to make your stay more fulfilling. 

If you are travelling with family, especially kids, then enquire how the sleeping arrangement will be done, if there are connected rooms or special family suites, which can accommodate a big family comfortably. The bathroom situation is also crucial. There should be continuous access to warm water, and the bathroom itself should be squeaky clean and well maintained.

    The check-ins and check-outs

Try to figure out what time you will check-in or check-out of the hotel and if those timings fall within the bracket of their timings. It is always a good idea to look for hotels that have a 24-hours reception because you can never predict if your flight will arrive later or earlier than expected. Inquire if the hotel you intend to stay at offers the option to store your luggage if you arrive early or late.

Reviews and recommendations

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The online world has opened new horizons for us, and something like hotel booking can also be done with the right strategy when you make use of the internet. So, go online and read as many reviews on the hotel left by the guest who stayed before you. You can also find ratings or starts that rate the hotel on a variety of parameters.


Last but definitely not least is to find a hotel which fits your budget. There are some tips and tricks that can get you even the most luxurious hotels at a cheaper price. Hotels slash their rates during the offseason. So, try to pick a date for your travel when the rush is lower than in other months. You can also use promo codes and coupons to get some special discounts. We suggest you book your hotel from an online tour and travel guide to get the most competitive rates and discounts. 

However, remember not to compromise on the above-mentioned points to save just a few extra coins. Remember that getting a good hotel at a prime location can save you a lot of travel. Hotels with complimentary breakfast are a great way to save time and money on your morning meal. Besides, Pattaya offers quality accommodation at every price range. So, with the right guide and a little hunting, you will land yourself a good deal for sure. 

So, what are you waiting for? Start planning for your trip immediately and make good itinerary beforehand, so you do not have to undergo the pressure of spending unnecessarily and stress out about not getting the right accommodation or flight booking. 

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