Factors To Consider To Find The Best Air Purifier

Air Purifier

Compared to the air outside, your indoor air is usually more polluted. Since most people tend to spend more time indoors, they tend to be more exposed to poor indoor air quality, which can potentially trigger several physical conditions. Picking the best air purifier for asthma can help you enjoy better indoor air quality. Plus, using the right air purifier for your house will make your office or home have healthier and cleaner air. But before you buy an air purifier, it’s best to determine the answers to the following questions listed below:

What size of air purifier should you get?

To pick the correct size of air purifiers for your needs, you should think about the room’s square footage that you’re planning to purify. When you have asthma or allergies and are searching for an air purifier that can help deal with your symptoms, you have to think about the air change rate per hour, which is more known as the ACH. ACH shows the number of times an air purifier can filter the total air volume in the treatment area every hour.

The best air purifier for asthma or allergy-sufferers can help clean the air within a room at least four times every hour. This specific ACH rate can also help assure you that the air purifier thoroughly filters out and cleans as many microscopic allergens that potentially trigger symptoms as much as possible for you to breathe easier.

Why do you need an air purifier?

Using an air purifier is one among the best means of making sure that your indoor air is clean because your air indoors can be contaminated and packed with triggering particles like dust and pollen. Moreover, air purifiers are recognized to help keep up a healthy environment by eliminating pet dander ragweed, mould spores, and more. Other air purifier versions are intended for particular purposes such as chemical sensitivities, pets, smoke, asthma, and allergies.

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What features should your air purifier have? 

After selecting the size and type of air purifier you want, think about whether you would want to have specific features in the air purifier you plan to use. Such features include the following:

  • Air quality indicators that provide immediate updates on your air quality
  • You can also see Wi-Fi air purifiers that can be controlled from your mobile devices.
  • Air purifiers with Energy Star rated by the EPA to conserve energy and save money
  • Other available features are multiple fan speeds, handles to move it easily, filter change indicators, remote controls, and caster wheels.

Where must you store your air purifier?

In most cases, it’s highly recommended for everyone to put your air purifiers in your bedroom, where you spend most of your time. Remember that portable air purifiers are primarily designed to purify the air in just a single room. Hence, you may have to invest in more air purifier units for other rooms in your house. As an alternative, you can select a unit with handles, caster wheels, and other portability features that you can move from one room to another.

Before you purchase an air purifier, make sure to get one that’s easy to utilize, filters out the particles in your house, and is equipped for your room size.


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