It’s Time: Top 5 Watches Millennials Should buy in 2019

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There is a lot of watches you can find in the market right now. It can be a Smartwatch, Classic watch, Diving watch, or even a Moon watch. And you can also find the most expensive and the cheapest at the same time. It all means that if you wanted to find a watch then that will be easy but if you wanted to know what kind of watch suits you, then that will be hard.

And if you are one of the Millennials trying to find the right watch that will fit your style then this is the right place to go. It will be the top collection of watches in terms of its brand, price, quality, durability, and features. And by going all through this, you will be able to know the top 5 watches Millennials should buy-in 2019.

Apple Watch Series 4

The newest watch of Apple has changed a lot since the last watch series. It has a larger screen for better visibility, thinner body, and the best in its class health features. The new watch series has 40mm and 44mm versions compared to the old that has 38mm and 42mm. And the whole back of the watch is made of premium ceramic that makes it hypoallergenic.

Other changes of the new Apple Watch is its buttons, it is thinner and there is a groove that will help you have a good grip whenever you’re using it with a matching click when you are scrolling through items. The colors you can choose from are silver, black, and gold. It also has a loudspeaker, improved AI, more features and apps. You will enjoy using this watch.

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Galaxy Watch 2

The Galaxy Watch 2  is one of the best Smartwatch you can find in the market today. With its best features like an LTE version for better connection, Bluetooth, and touch-based rotating dial that will give an artificial clicks when you try to slide your finger on the side of the watch. But one of its unique features is the ECG, it can detect heartbeat and will notify the user.

Buying a Galaxy Watch 2 you can pick 3 colors which are midnight black, rose gold, and the silver. And it comes with a size of 42mm and 46mm versions this means that you will have a little wider display for a better view. And since it is a Samsung, the Galaxy Watch 2 also has a sAmoled with an always-on display feature and an IP68 water and dust resistant.

Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional Chronograph

The Omega Speedmaster  is one of the icon watches of Omega brand and it was also involved in six lunar missions that is why it was called moon watch. Generally, this watch is made for space missions and it can withstand extreme nature. The Moonwatch features a black dial covered by a premium anti-scratch sapphire crystal and small seconds sub-dial.

Any Omega watch has a 5-year warranty that covers material repairs or any factory defects. That’s why owning an Omega watch you will have peace of mind. Another feature you will get from the Moonwatch is a Tachymeter, a black bezel that is mounted to a 42mm stainless steel case with a matching bracelet.

Timex Waterbury Traditional

It is a simple, cheap, but premium kind of watch. The Waterbury Traditional is a combination of classic and modern design of Timex. Three versions have been created, the chronograph, a day date, and sub-second. The 42mm dial face of the watch has a shiny top ring that very appealing to see and combined with a genuine leather strap.

Other features of the Waterbury Traditional are stainless-steel case, mineral glass crystal, full Arabic dials, two sub-dials, and a water-resistance up to 50 meters. It also has an INDIGLO backlight for visibility during night time and expect that there will be more colorway to come by this year for you to choose what suits your style.

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SevenFriday M2B/01 Watch

The bestseller of all Sevenfriday watches, the M2B/01 is one addition to the M-series. The Sevenfriday has its unique design that you will not see in other brands of watches. It has an industrial design combined colors of grey and rose gold a real statement for a classic but modern looking watch.

A size of 47.6mm (W) and 47mm (H), the M2B/01 is rose gold PVD coated with stainless steel. The ring is also stainless steel with a black PVD coating combined with a hardened mineral glass with anti-reflective coating. It also has an NFC chip inside that you can authenticate your watch to Sevenfriday’s app and authorized retailers.


This will all be the top 5 watches a millennial should buy-in 2019. As you can see, each one of them is not related by any means. They all have different functions or uses, different designs, different price ranges, and different features. And all of these watches will be great for work, sport, corporate events, and parties. It’s up to you where you wanted to use it.

Time flies so fast, sooner or later there will be another top watches that you will see in the market. The competition will continue to grow and watchmakers will also continue to provide an outstanding watch that will surprise everyone. Just take your time on finding the right watch that you wanted to have.

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