How to Choose a Sewing Machine

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Sewing machines are efficient tools and almost everybody has one in their homes. Sewing is something which doesn’t require much time to learn and even knowing the basics of sewing will be enough to operate a sewing machine for stitching your clothes or loosening them etc.

The latest models are equipped with great features which make it even easier to operate. These machines are usually categorized into five types and they are, mechanical sewing machine, electronic sewing machine, serger sewing machines, and computerized sewing machine.

Buying a sewing machine might appear to be easy at first but it is actually a little difficult. People usually do not know where to look and end up buying a machine which doesn’t suit their need. There are a plethora of sewing machines to choose from and you won’t be having any problem choosing and buying one for yourself.

How to pick one for yourself

You have to consider a few things before you buy a sewing machine. If you have a fixed budget then going for the high-end machine could be a problem. Sewing machines are available in many different price ranges but choosing the right one can be difficult if you do not have a fixed budget.

The high-end machines cost more and you will want to buy one but that would not be a good choice. You might feel the urge to buy one but you must refrain from doing so.

Many decent machines are available at reasonable prices so you can easily pick one without burning a hole in your pocket. So having a budget helps.

The next thing to consider is your reason behind buying a sewing machine. If you just want to stitch a few clothes from time to time and patch s few things up then you should probably buy a normal sewing machine as it will be enough for you but if you are really into sewing then you should probably consider buying a machine packed with features and has industrial grade parts and using industrial grade parts are important when it comes to the overall performance of the machine.

Picking the right type of sewing machine

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As mentioned before, there are five types of sewing machines. Depending on your usage, you can choose a machine for yourself from these five categories.

The mechanical sewing machine which is also known as the domestic sewing machine has all the basic features of a sewing machine and are best suitable for people who are interested in learning from the basics.

These machines come at reasonable rates and are easily fixable. Coming to its features, it has a builtin presser feet, adjustable tension, single stitch, adjustable stitch length and a loading bobbin.

The latest models have more than one built-in stitch present inside them. These are not recommended when it comes to sewing leather and denim clothes. The machine’s body type is dependent on the company that it is being produced from and its model. The old models have to be operated by manual means.

Though most of the sewing machines which are being produced today have an electric motor which reduces human effort. They are also very bulky and take up a lot of space.

The upcoming modes of mechanical sewing machine have a small LED screen which lets the user select the stitch pattern and some advanced features which weren’t present in the older models.

When compared to the others, the domestic sewing machine is the easiest to handle as it is for the beginners and the user doesn’t have to be well versed in the art of sewing to operate this machine.

Electronic Sewing Machines

The next one is the electronic sewing machine. An electronic sewing machine is packed with features something which the domestic sewing machine lacks. These are the result of combing computerized sewing machines with mechanical sewing machines.

And you should only buy this machine when you have to stitch multi-layered fabrics or if you run a company. Electronic sewing machines are mainly used by professionals and they are quite capable of using this machine effortlessly.

These machines are suitable for stitching materials of good quality, quilting, hemming zip fixing etc. Always check for warranty when buying an electronic machine. It is very important as it requires a technician for repairs, unlike the normal sewing machine which doesn’t need any outside help.

Usually, heavy duty machines use electricity but some of the models run on batteries as well. This particular type of machine is easy to maintain as it has parts which are of industrial strength. They can be mover around easily.

Computerized Sewing Machines

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Computerized sewing machines are very big and they have multiple needles, multiple spool spinners etc. They are known for their performance speed and efficiency.

These machines are usually used for industrial purposes and they can design large fabrics a lot faster. It has a feature known as auto-pilot stitching mode which is unique to it.

In this mode, the machine controls the thread tension and stitch strength and the speed. Small textiles industries have these heavy-duty machines as they sew a lot of garment on a daily basis.

They can sew any kind of fabric and you can also download a pattern from the internet and design the fabric with it. You can choose to buy this one if you’re really into sewing.

Embroidery Machines

The embroidery sewing machine is used for designing different kinds of fabrics with embroideries. An electronic sewing machine also be converted into an embroidery sewing machine by adding a embroidering presser foot to it.

These machines are a little expensive but they are very easy to maintain and if you are looking for a long time investment then this is the one you should choose. Professional tailors use these machines to sew but people who don’t sue on a daily basis should not buy this machine as it is a bit too expensive.


The machines which are used to overclock or seam the fabric are known as overlooked sewing machines or serger. Professionals usually use this to give a finishing touch to the fabric. You probably won’t be buying this machine anyway as it is a little to costly. So go ahead and buy a sewing machine if you don’t already have one.

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