How to Make the Right Things From the Wrong

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Forgiving and forgetting is an old but difficult concept to pursue. It requires a kind heart strong will and mind control to forgive and forget a person who has harmed you emotionally in the past. It requires some practice and patience to forgive a person who has done wrong with you. The idea is all about making people forget and in long run it will be of the greater good for the person. The concept of forgiving is deep but fathomable but forgetting is mystic and hard to accept.

Forgiving and forgetting goes hand in hand and together they have the power to control our lives. One cannot go further without another so forgive and forget. Forgiving is a thing that can go in the process along with forgetting while it is nearly impossible or rather difficult to forget the bad memories of life. However, it is difficult to make new and happy memories without deleting the bad events form the past.

Forgiveness has benefits for the person who has given it more than the person who is receiving. Forgiving the person gives peace of mind and freedom from anger and aggression that is eating them from inside. Not just it allows freedom from anger but also relieves from stress that is bothering him in life. Though the feeling comes from inside but here are we discussing some tips that can help in forgiving and forgetting the person?

  • Give some time- time is the best healer. Give some time to the situation and you will get your wounds healed with time. Sometimes it becomes difficult to forgive the person but things change with time. Provide some time to the situation and the situation allows it to heal and acceptance will occur automatically. In some cases, time will allow self-reflection and makes things easier.  
  • Understand that nobody is perfect- we all make mistakes in life and nobody is perfect. We all make mistakes knowingly or unknowingly. Thinking about the mistake a person has done in the and considering it not like a mistake but sin is a bad thing to happen.  Acknowledging this fact will only make forgiveness easy for the person.
  • Be open for conversation- sometimes we shut all gates for communication and leave little or no space for the guilty person to apologize. There might be chances that he is aware of his mistakes and is looking for an opportunity to apologize. Being open-minded with having open communication will only help you in resolving the issue by making both sides happy.

You can also forgive without getting any apologies. Also, you need not to express this feeling to the concerned person. Forgiving the person in your heart will give you peace that will lead the path of happiness.

After forgiving you must try to forget the things as forgetting the situation allows the resentment of the situation. Moving on means that you have greater things to do in life rather than sitting and analyzing the incidents happened in the past.

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