How to Find Trending Hashtags for Instagram

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Hashtags were invented in 2007 by a Twitter user. Since then, they have surpassed all other forms of marketing and have proved their mettle in every marketing campaign.

On Twitter and Facebook, hashtags might not be having a substantial say, but on Instagram, hashtags are everything. Different brands and companies utilize hashtags to increase their sales, influence the target audience and evaluate buying and selling decisions.

All marketers agree that hashtags are cardinal to expand social media marketing and succeed in business goals.

It does not matter whether you want to get more followers, boost your sales, enhance the content reach, or you are interested in discovering innovative ideas for the marketing of your business, trending hashtags play a decisive role in the promotion of your products.

As you have got an idea about the importance of hashtags, you must be wondering how to find the quality hashtags for your brand?

Calm yourself down, because I have the solution to every problem related to social media marketing. In this article, I have come up with a practical and adept solution that will help you in finding out the trending hashtags.

Stick with me, and you will see that the popularity of your brand is soaring!

What is a Trending Hashtag?

A trending hashtag is the one that is clicked and searched by thousands of people at a particular occasion. For example, you have created a hashtag of #flyhigh, and after generating the hashtag, you see that different people have also started using the same hashtag in their content, then this hashtag will become trending and appear on the explore page of Instagram.

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Generally, trending hashtags are created to divert the attention of the people to a particular subject. Similarly, they are also useful in creating a popular campaign or activity.

How to Find the Trending Hashtags for Instagram

Before starting to explore how to find trending hashtags for Instagram, let me tell you something. Posts with the hashtags get 12% more engagement than the posts that do not have hashtags.

Utilizing old and dull tags will not help you to become a king in Instagram marketing, but employing the relevant and accessible phrases will definitely do the work for you.

Here, I have elaborated some ways to find the trending hashtags for Instagram. Some of the methods can only be implemented through the tools, while others are manual.

1.     Explore the Hashtags of your Community

You are trying to find the tags so that you can allure your community. So, why not look at the people to whom you are linked with and check what types of phrases they use when they post something? When you look for the phrases that are popular among your customers, then you will undoubtedly get their attention.

To find the trending hashtags form your community, you need to look at the following prospects:

  • Strategies of your competitors
  • Tendency of your audience
  • Content of the influencers

Once you have a profound insight into the activities of the above people, then it would become convenient for you to find the trending hashtags.

2.     Go to the Best Performing Posts

Another way of finding the trending hashtags is to look at the posts that are performing at the top. These posts are at the top of Instagram Explore Page because they have the best content and hashtags.

Keeping the popularity of these posts in mind, you can incorporate their content to your posts. Just make sure that the content you are trying to emulate is relevant and suitable for your business.

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3.     Hunt the related Hashtags

You can also discover the trending hashtags by searching the associated and relevant hashtags. For doing this, just go to the Instagram search box and type the tag you want to find. Here, you will see many trending hashtags that automatically pop up. You can utilize these tags by evaluating the number of posts related to them.

4.     Search Tags through Different Tools

Various tools and applications are designed to track the trend of hashtags. These tools will provide you with plenty of tags that are not only related to your business but also have the potential to skyrocket your sales.

The most recommended tools are:

  • HashtagsForLikes
  • Brand24

Let me give you a slight overview of these tools:

1.      Use HashtagsForLikes

Through HashtagsForLikes, you can find the most appropriate and suitable hashtags for your business. You just have to provide the niche of your brand, and this tool will monitor all the dimensions of trending hashtags. You can access the functionalities of this hashtag generator.

2.      Use Brand24

Brand 24 is another hashtag insight tool that discovers trending hashtags after a sophisticated research process. You can obtainthe features of Brand24 by registering on its website for free.

That’s it

Now you know how to find the trending hashtags on Instagram. Start integrating the trending hashtags in your content and experience the eternal reputation as an Instagram marketer.

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