4 Pillars to Nailing Your Investor Pitch

Why Keeping Patience Is The Most Important Factor While Investing Money

Nowadays, there are so many great start-ups emerging as more problems accumulate that need to be solved. The good thing is that investors are also out there looking to invest in the next best thing, so there are numerous pitch events everywhere.

Entrepreneurs are looking for investors hungrily, just hoping that their pitch is good enough. Therefore, although it is the most difficult part, creating a convincing pitch is the most important part.

You have to consider your audience, your story, and a whole set of factors that will captivate your investors and leave them wanting to learn more. All else aside that pitch is ultimately the make it or break it moment. Let’s look at the four things you need to perfect in order to nail your investor pitch.

1. What is Your Story?

A good story is always remembered as opposed to a cluster of data. Remember that you are introducing your idea to people who have never heard of it, not from you anyway. Therefore, you need to pretend for a moment that you are telling a story, your story. Every story has a beginning, middle, and end, and every good story provokes feelings and resonates with its audience.

In this case, the first part of your story should be the setting, and as always, an introduction is the shortest part of the story, so keep it precise. Formulate a setting in which the problem to your solution is likely to occur. Place your audience in the setting, make them imagine being in the same situation with the same problem you wanting to solve; that way, they will sympathize with the victims who will make your solution that much more valuable. Ask your audience questions, asking those questions can help them visualize and live in the moment.

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Questions will engage your audience and provoke curiosity in them. Moreover, in your story, use people that your audience can easily relate to, people they are likely to know, or even better, give reference to someone in the audience, one of the investors perhaps.

2. The problem

The second part of your story (the body) should elaborate more on the problem. This is the most important part of your story as you explain the struggle well, the audience will feel the pain and want to make it better, therefore invest. Do some research on your audience, so that you can use them as examples and place them in the problem; refer to them when you are speaking, not “I” or “we,” it helps them stay connected. Make your story come alive by using actual examples and making it as detailed as possible.

After all, this is said and done, as you present your solution, it all of a sudden makes sense to them as you have prepared them well psychologically.

3. Confidence is Key

This is your story; this is your idea if you don’t believe in it, how you are expecting someone else to believe in it and risk losing their money. Express the confidence and excitement in your voice as you present your big idea. You are probably the only person in the room that knows the most about the subject, and therefore these investors need to be able to take your word for it; they need to be as excited as you look telling the story. You can’t afford to come off as unsure.

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Nevertheless, overconfidence can also get you in trouble, so be careful! Show your confidence, yes, but also show the investors that you are coachable and open to change where necessary, show them that they can help you with their expertise and experience, and you are not closed off.

4. Have a question and answer section

A good pitch is always more of a conversation than a presentation. Giving your audience the time to ask questions is very important as this engages them and maybe the time where they make their final decision to invest. Make sure you leave enough time for this section and consider all the possible questions beforehand so that you will ace the answers. Answering all their questions confidently and in detail will reassure the investors that you know what you are talking about, and you have confidence in your proposal. Therefore, they will have confidence in you as well as the idea, and ultimately, you will get funded.

Final thoughts

In a nutshell, creating and presenting an investor pitch is very difficult; we all know that, but it can be done. All you have to do is to remember to combine all the essentials; tell a good story, engage your audience, hook them from the start, provoke emotions, convince them with your confidence, answer their questions, have a conversation with them, you know the rest. With Eagles Investors you can go through all the above mentioned steps easily.

Now let’s go and nail that pitch.

Good luck!

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