5 Useful Websites for Your Business

Is WordPress the right platform for your business website?

Switching to the online world from offline is in trend. The process includes getting a website created with all the required features. Then the process of promoting starts. This all is time-consuming but if done strategically yields good results. But many times in business, you require to use some websites that make your work easier. This concept is not known to many people. So in this article, we will discuss the 5 useful websites for your business and about Sorting the Spam from the Scams and How to Deal With Both?

A website represents your business. Therefore it has to be in alignment with your business. An attractive website does attract people, if it lacks the correct info is of no use. 

Therefore the design and development have to go together to make a website a result-oriented one. For this, web designers and developers are offering their best services. You can choose the best-suited one. 

Many times we are stick with small talks like converting files to pdf or not getting the required print format etc. These things although are small but without them, the work suffers. To help you tackle these small problems, here are some of the websites that you can use to make your work easier and faster:

  • Privnote.com

This website works for your secret document for example you want to share some private information like your ATM pin or bank password to someone. It will send a text note to the one using email chats and send the note for the email to be deleted once it is read. It also allows you to destroy the note after some time.

  • Printfriendly.com
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This will give you a printable page that can be modified as it is quite messy to print a webpage through the browser with multiple links, ads, images, etc. You can even use extensions like Firefox, chrome, internet explorer, etc.

  • Twofoods.com

For those who are conscious of their calorie intake, towFoods.com is the solution. You have to enter the name of the food and it will show you complete details of what all it contains like carbs, fats, protein content, etc. This way you can choose from the two items which one to consume according to the calorie sit contains.

  • Pdfunlock.com

If you want to make some changes in your Pdf format, you must use this. It is free to use but if you wish to donate, you can do it by using PayPal.

  • Newsmap.jp

 If your love to keep your self-updated with the latest news or your work demands you to be updated with the latest and trending news, then you must surely use this website. You get access to the latest and trending news headlines on a single page. The larger the box, the more trending is the news.

 Sorting the Spam from the Scams and How to Deal With Both?

The increasing number of spam and scam calls not only disturbs the day but can do much more than call if not caught quickly.

A spam call is a call made by some tele-caller or robot to informing you or pitching you to buy something.

A scam call is an unethical one that forces you to share your details or to get money from you.

How to identify who is calling you?

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If you want to find out who is calling you, the best way is to use an online directory -People search by Check Them. It uses the phone numbers of only callers and trace the information about their location, name, and even picture from social media.

How to reduce the number of incoming calls

Adding your number to the ‘Do Not Call ‘registry will not be enough. Hide your work number on your official website. This might give you relief to some extent.

Hope you find this information helpful.


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