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These Kitchen Design Trends will inspire you

The kitchen is regarded as the heart of a home, arguably the most important room in the house. Food, the most important basic need, is prepared in the kitchen. The modern kitchen has evolved from just being room to prepare meals. It has become a sophisticated area where people create beautiful memories while preparing home-cooked meals.

Finding kitchen fittings that fit your dreams and desires is a recipe for a modern, healthy lifestyle. It guarantees an enjoyable and fulfilling cooking experience.

There is a vast variety of kitchen designs to choose from that have evolved over a period. From the cozy and warm traditional kitchen designs to beautiful and luxurious contemporary designs. The plans affect the arrangement of the kitchen fittings in your kitchen space.

Before we delve into the various kitchen fittings, here are factors to consider when choosing the perfect kitchen fittings and designs;

  • Space- You need to consider the size of your kitchen’s floor space. The size affects the arrangement of your countertops and cabinets. Work out carefully through the details of your space to understand the needs in the home.
  • Storage- Storage demands within the kitchen are a vital factor in determining your kitchen fittings. The positioning and size of your drawers and cabinets depend entirely on the storage space required.
  • Durability- From ceramic tops to hardwood kitchen drawers and cabinets, kitchen fittings should be able to last long. The kitchen should be able to withstand the rigors of everyday use. Make the choice of finding the best materials that will provide long and exceptional service.

Choosing kitchen fittings can be cumbersome and intimidating. Here are some steps to make the process easier.

Steps to take before installing the kitchen fittings:

o          The first thing is to know the size of your kitchen. Take the measurements of your floor space. The reason is that most kitchen fittings are planned with exact dimensions measured in square feet. It will help you choose the appropriate kitchen plan for you.

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o          Secondly, you should understand the mood of your home. It goes a long way in choosing a practical and lovely model for you. Each kitchen design and fitting adds a different tone to your house; either a traditional, modern, contemporary or even classy feel.

o          Moreover, you ought to factor in your budget. Kitchen fittings come at different designs and prices. When you work within your budget, you narrow down the choices you need to consider. FCI London provides a broader price range, accommodating everyone according to their tastes and preferences.

o          It’s prudent to consult a professional before making a decision. Experts provide excellent advice on trending designs and fittings that will complement perfectly with the rest of your home. FCI London has reputable architects that have over twenty years’ experience in kitchen fittings and designs. FCI London designers can visit your place for an inspection of your kitchen space and advise accordingly.

Some of the currently trending kitchen fittings are:

  1. Going green- most designers are opting for a more eco-friendly look for the kitchen. It involves the use of natural materials such as real wood, bamboo, and botanicals
  2. Broken plan fittings- these are open-plan designs but with a freestanding shelf unit. This plan perpetuates the trend for a clutter-free top for your kitchen
  3. Metallic tastes- there has been a return for the classic metal plan using copper and gold for that luxurious finish.
  4. Quartz over granite- most developers, have found an eye for the waterproof quartz over granite. The preference has placed quartz as the most preferred countertop
  5. More storage space- creativity has been brought to the forefront in creating additional spaces in the kitchen. Stacking cabinets and shelves and creating extra drawers under the sink and corner drawers.
  6. Two-toned coloration- Interior designers are creating coherent color schemes of the cabinets creating a beautiful contrast for an eccentric-modern finish.
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FCI London

FCI London is a family-run, professional furniture dealer and interior design company that has been in operation for more than thirty years. We pride ourselves being one of the largest furniture shops within London. We specialize in designing and selling the best furniture, and yes, we love what we do.

We work with a number of leading designer brands globally. We have Italian and German furniture brands that offer high-end design service that only few can boast about. The partnership with these recognized brands gives you a guaranteed value for your money. We are confident that we are your best bet to finding the perfect utility kitchen design. Get in touch with FCI London for the best deals, we’re offering nice discounts for our kitchen furniture and fittings.

Reach out to us via email or give us a quick call for all your queries. You can also pop in at our showroom and have a cup of coffee as we discuss your kitchen fittings requirements.


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