Best Places For Snorkeling in Virgin Islands

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Snorkeling is a process of swimming on or from the body of water while wearing a diving mask, a breathing tube called snorkel and usually known as swim fins. It is a renowned recreation activity. Some best Snorkel Excursion Virgin Islands are given below:

Ø Coki Point Beach (St.Thomas):

It is located on the North Coast of St.Thomas and it is well known for best snorkeling. It provides a huge year-round snorkeling. The snorkelers explore the coral ledges near the Coral World’s underwater tower. 

This island has a huge diversity which invites the snorkelers for snorkeling. Also this is one of the best Snorkel Excursion Virgin Islands.

Ø Hurricane Hole(St.John):

You are thinking about Mangrove Forests for snorkeling than it is very difficult one to ponder over, but here coral grows in profusion on the Mangrove roots having sponges, starfish and anemones.

It’s a miraculous Serena sea that promotes snorkeling and sightseeing tours out of coral bay to Hurricane Hole.

In short, this is a wonderful place that provides opportunity of snorkeling.

Ø Water lemon Cay/Leinster Bay:

This is an amazing place for snorkeling because its specialty is that it is less swarming place. It provides a calm environment which is a good thing for the snorkelers.

 Another good aspect of this Bay is that it is on the Northern shore of   St.John so it has acquired much importance due to this aspect.

It has  water teeming with sea life, so snorkelers love to snorkel here and hence it is a beautiful Snorkel Excursion Virgin Islands.

Ø Haulover Bay(St.John):

This is a small bay with stony beach and is not smooth like the Leinster Bay. Here snorkelers have many things to explore like ledges, walls and nooks etc.

The Bay has frequent things to explore which develops the interest of snorkelers. The place is termed as the best Snorkel Excursion Virgin Islands.

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 Ø Cane Bay(St.Croix):

This is one of the best snorkeling sites which have breezes and this Bay is located on North-shore beach. On a nice day you can swim up to 450 feet to have a look on Cane Bay wall, which drops you to the depths of the sea.

 Ø Buck Island(off St.Croix):

It is known as one of the premium marine gardens in the Caribbean Sea. The deserted Buck Island Reef National Monument is very famous for best snorkeling place and is praised a lot by the snorkelers.

Here, snorkelers follow the marine flora and fauna that are commonly found here along the snorkeling track and this is among the wonderful Snorkel Excursion Virgin Islands.

 Ø Norman Islands & the Indians(B.V.I):

This is the longest and most beautiful beaches in the Snorkel Excursion Virgin Islands of St.John. It offers the best spot for snorkeling. Not just this but it is also renowned for other sports activities like Paddleboarding and others.

 The Western end of this beach provides great oppertunities of snorkeling with a warm, turquise waters and its Eastern shore is rough, which offers less snorkeling oppertunities.

This is also one of the excellent Snorkel Excursion Virgin Islands  .You must have to bring some bread for the reef fish to come over the surface when you snorkel deep in the Indians.

Ø The Baths(Virgin Gorda):

This is mind blowing place with its inspiring beauty and shallow sparkling seas. It also has caves that enhance its beauty and snorkelers not only snorkel here but they also have a lot of fin at this place.

It has Spring Bay and the Devil’s Bay that intrigues the snorkelers to explore it and to discover many hidden things. 

Ø Salt Pond:

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It is present below ¼ miles of salt pond and has a beautiful diversity in it. The snorkels explore a lot over here .It has tortoises, corals and rays in it.

Here, snorkelers enjoy snorkeling around the whole Islands if they are great swimmers otherwise they can just have fun by drifting over a certain area and could really enjoy a lot with having tons of fish and corals.

 Snorkelers have a quality time here and along with having fantastically enjoyed time, they also get inspired by the natural beauty and its hidden secrets that they discover during snorkeling. This is also one of the excellent Snorkeling Excursions in Virgin Islands.

So, these are the best snorkeling virgin Islands which are famous for snorkeling. The Sail Jester company provides day sailing, chartering excursions and Snorkel Excursions in St Thomas ,St.John and surrounding Cays. It is the best company that promotes snorkeling and the paddle boarding sports and many more like this. 

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