Everything You Need to Know About Emergency Spill Kits

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Sometimes spills in the workplace can be dangerous. It is important to plan for such situations that can be hazardous onwards. It is necessary to buy a spill kit to avoid any incident because spills can be dangerous. Some spills are harmless and don’t need a spill kit, but some do.

If there is a spill that is of dangerous chemicals, then you should clean it as quickly as possible. There would be a need for emergency spill kits in such cases.

Choosing Emergency Spill Kits

Before purchasing the emergency spill kits, you should read the following points:

Proper Size

There is every size of emergency spill kits from the tiny little spills to a large one. It depends on your need for what size of spill kits you want. A smaller kit will be more than enough for you if you only use small containers of a specific chemical or solution. In case the facilities use large containers or have a higher potential for large scale spills, than there will be a need for bigger kits. The kids should be sufficient for most types of spills that could occur in your facility.

Sometimes there might be a need to get more than one kit to tackle all the issues. There might be a need for large kits for certain situations and a smaller one for others. You can save money by choosing the right size of the spill kit for the right situation.

Able to Clean Spills

Before buying the emergency spill kits, you should know about what types of things you may need to clean up. Some kits are specifically made to clean up oil-based spills, and others are made for corrosive chemicals. You should buy the kit according to the types of things you have on-site.

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If there is a need to purchase multiple different emergency spill kits to be prepared for any type of spill that occurs, then you should make sure that they are at the place which allows people to identify easily. You can label all spill kits by using your industrial label maker so that people can easily identify which type of spill kit is to grab. If the spill kits have a label on them, then it makes the job easy.

Easily Portable

The emergency spill kit should be easily portable so that it could be easy to grab and bring them to the location of the spill. You can put the spill kits into a backpack type container so that people can grab it and go. In case of larger spill kits, you can keep them with a dolly or other cart so that it can be easy to move.

The point behind it is to ensure that people can get the spill kit to the necessary location without delay. You can clean the spill faster if you can move the kit easily.

Personal Protection Gear

It is good to keep the personal protective gear that includes protective gloves, eye goggles, a breathing mask, and other items within the emergency spill kits. It helps in protecting the people who are cleaning a spill safe throughout the process. You can get safety products from best safety equipment supplier.

You could supply these things separately if you didn’t get it with the emergency spill kits. There is a need for a different set of personal protection gear for each type of spill. Toxic chemical spill needs personal protection gear more than in the case of oil-based spills. You should place all the necessary gear in the right place so that people can grab it easily in case of need. For safety clothing you can check out coverallchina.com.

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Safety Signs 

In the area of the spill, it is necessary to stop people from coming to that area as spills can be dangerous. For stopping people, workers can put a safety sign. Emergency spill kits should contain safety signs that you can put in the spill area for the people. If the spill is extremely dangerous, then it should make sure to evacuate the entire building.


This article will help you to buy the right spill kit for the right situation. You should make sure that you have the spill kits in stock. It is better to keep an extra spill kit so that the facility can be confident that they are always able to respond to any spill.

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