What kinds of Foods to Consume to Break the Fast

What kinds of Foods to Consume to Break the Fast

You should take utmost care when breaking a fast. Therefore, you should look forward to burdening your digestive system by consuming everything and anything that comes your way. You would be able to realize the benefits of fasting when you actually break the fast in a proper manner. You should take it easy and slow. It would prove beneficial to your body. Check out this article to find out more.

Fasting and Biological Changes

During fasting, the body tends to undergo several biological changes. The enzymes that would be produced normally by the digestive system cease to form or would reduce largely. It would be based on the kind of fast performed. Therefore, slow introduction of food would provide adequate time to the body for reestablishing the production of the enzyme.

In addition, the protective lining of mucus on the stomach would also reduce significantly. It would make the stomach walls susceptible to irritation until returning to normal. You should begin with a gentle reintroduction of foods. It would be recommended to begin with the easiest and simplest of foods. These foods should be easy to digest and support the process in the best manner possible. You should avoid substances that have been known to irritate the system. It would be inclusive of spicy foods, coffee and such.

What should be avoided when breaking a Fast?

Foremost, you should bear in mind that overeating immediately following a fast has been deemed much worse than overeating at any other time. Due to biological changes occurring in the body, your system would need time to readjust back to normal assimilation and digestion. Lack of proper measures would result in nausea, cramps in the stomach and even vomiting.

The duration of adjustment should be based on the length of your fast. The rule of thumb is to take half the number of days to allow breaking the fast. Therefore, if you fasted for a day, the next half day should be allowed to break the fast and reintroduction of foods.

What Foods to consume for breaking the Fast?

It would be pertinent that you introduce easy to digest and highly nutritious foods for breaking the fast initially. You could add more variety and complexity with the passage of time, but it should be a gradual process.

As a General Guideline, find below a List of Foods that could be consumed for breaking the Fast.

  • Meats
  • Non-cultured milk products
  • Eggs and nuts
  • Properly cooked beans and grains
  • Raw vegetables
  • Vegetable soups and cooked vegetables
  • Spinach and lettuces
  • Unsweetened yoghurt
  • Bone broths or vegetables
  • Raw fruits
  • Vegetable and fruits juices

You could use any of the aforementioned foods asyour after fasting foods. However, raw fruits would be the most popular and easiest of them all to consume and digest.

However, you would be required to give close attention to the reaction given by the body to newly introduced foods. You should also look forward to introducing frequent small meals while paving your way towards the larger meals. Ensure to chew food properly for proper digestion.

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