Blowout The Wedding Planning Stress With This ‘A-Z’ Wedding Guide!

Blowout The Wedding Planning Stress With This ‘A-Z’ Wedding Guide!

Perfect planning makes perfect weddings! There is no set of predefined rules when it comes to planning a wedding! Just some tasks and things, and rest become sorted.

If you want to relish your wedding days and want to make the task of PLANNING less daunting, here’s a complete guide to help you:

Note: In no specific order, this A-Z list is sure to check out before making final call!

A: All about the day

A perfect, organized, blissful and memorable day is what every couple seek for their wedding!

B: Book, an officiant

Book an officiant to delineate your wedding vows.

C: Catering Is Important

Blowout The Wedding Planning Stress With This ‘A-Z’ Wedding Guide!

What most people don’t forget about the wedding after the bride and groom is the things they have tasted. So, hunt for a special wedding event catering service.

D: Don’t Forget The Budget 

Budget is the most important thing when planning a marriage. So, start early and make a checklist of the things where you will be spending the bucks.

E: Engagement party

Blowout The Wedding Planning Stress With This ‘A-Z’ Wedding Guide!

If you have plans to throw an engagement party, make arrangements for that too!

F: Friends And Bridesmaids 

For sure, your bridesmaids will cover everything but if there’s anything that you need to pay for, get it done before the day.

G: Groom AttireBlowout The Wedding Planning Stress With This ‘A-Z’ Wedding Guide!

Look for a classy, elegant looking dress to compliments your lady love!

H: Honeymoon Destination

Blowout The Wedding Planning Stress With This ‘A-Z’ Wedding Guide!

Planning for a honeymoon is one of the most exciting things because you will be planning for your dream holiday!  So, spend some time, look out the places and then decide.

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I: Invitees: 

Whilst you perhaps have to make a non-official announcement, now is the time to make it official. Prepare your wedding invitees and send it 2-3 months before the day.

J: Jump Online For Stamps

If you want special stamps for the day, you can hop online!  Since post offices usually don’t have stamps in large quantities, ordering online will save your time.

K: Keep A Paper Trail

Don’t just presume that everything is all set. Sometimes, when the date rolls around, your verbal contract of many things become invalid, so get everything on papers.

L: Location

Are you planning to take vows to overseas or it’s in the city?  Find your location and then decide upon other things.

M: Makeup And Hairs

Blowout The Wedding Planning Stress With This ‘A-Z’ Wedding Guide! 

Since it will be your big day and everybody will have eyes on you, make sure you look stunning. Checklist makeup and hairs as well!

N: Not To Forget The Music

What’s a wedding without a backdrop of romantic music?

 O: Order Flowers

Blowout The Wedding Planning Stress With This ‘A-Z’ Wedding Guide! 

Flowers make any ambience more appealing, so add them too. Be it a flower decoration or tables organised with flowers; both will work.

P: Pictures Are Important Too

Don’t forget to hire a professional photographer to capture your special moments for life.

Q: Queen’s dress

Choosing a wedding dress is the most exciting and emotional part of a wedding. So, take your time, look for designers and then decide!

R: Reading Notes

Make list of those who are going to read the notes.

S: Stay for The Guests

Once you have a grip on the number of guests, find a place for their comfortable stay. Book

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T: Transportation

Blowout The Wedding Planning Stress With This ‘A-Z’ Wedding Guide! 

If your guest is coming overseas, make prior arrangements to offer pick and drop service.

U: Uniform for kids

Put a specific dress code for the kid as well!

V: Venue

Which type of wedding do you want? Is it a beach wedding or the rustic one! Once deciding this, decide the venue where you want to host the event.

W: Who Will Raise The Toast!

Whether it’s a special friend or the close family member, decide who’s going to raise the toast on your day.

X: X-Tra’s

Keep things like a wedding cake, insurance, table plan, RSVP and more ready so that you won’t miss anything on your big day.

Y: Yes! The Finishing Touch

So you have covered everything, it’s time to recall all those little details like the wedding breakfast and other last minute things.

Z: Zoom! The Day Is Over

While the day will pass like a breeze, memories will stay forever!

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