10 Reasons Why it’s Great To Hop On A Bike

10 reasons why its great to hop on a bike

Almost everyone learns how to ride a bike at a young age--and you never forget how. If you have trouble figuring out how to get re-acquainted with your bike and need help trying to balance everything, you can start with 3 wheel recumbent bike or put on some training wheels to get things going again.

“Most people, never stop riding, whether they are seven years old-- or 70, said Jennifer Li of Bike Rental Central Park, a company that rents bikes, as well as offers bicycle tours, “so we’ve compiled a list of 10 reasons why you should hop on a bicycle and enjoy a new way of transportation.”

Biking will allow you to:

  1. Save Money

You’ll save money on gas, uber rides, bus fares, and taxis by commuting by bicycle. Specifically when living in a big, busy city like New York City, using a bike will save you tons of money while sitting in traffic because you won’t be idling the car!

  1. Have A Healthy Heart

It is no surprise that bike riding is a great way of exercise. Studies show that bicycling for 20 miles every week could lower the risk of people getting coronary heart disease by at least 50 percent. However, make sure not to push yourself to0 hard.

Your body has a limit and although exercise is important for your heart health, overdoing it can punish your heart rather than help.

  1. Enjoy Some Vitamin D

Grab some sunblock and hop on your bike. Enjoy the outdoors and some fresh air, because guess what- it's good for your health. A lack of sunlight can cause major issues with your vitamin D levels. Also, sunlight everyday can also improve your mood.

  1. See Beautiful Sights
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Who wouldn't enjoy a sightseeing journey on their way to work? Riding through Central Park  provides some of the most beautiful views. Central Park is a popular place for bike rides; they even provide bike tours and they also have certain hours allowing vehicle traffic. They provide bike rentals for anyone who wants to enjoy a ride through Central Park, but doesn't have a bike of their own.

  1. Lose Weight

Biking is probably one of the best weight loss activities. On average, cyclist burn about 40 calories per mile. Up to 80 percent of people who start exercising end up quitting after not very long because they're not enjoying it--but not so with a bike ride. People do it because they enjoy it.

  1. Build Productivity

Getting outside and being active, especially in the mornings, is known to boost your energy. Rather than spending time in a car and sitting in traffic, moving and getting some fresh air and sun wakes up your brain and has you ready for the day.

  1. Improve Bedroom Activities

Cycling regularly can improve your sex life because it improves your confidence, energy, stamina, and among other things. Surveys show that people who exercise enjoy more sex. So, go ahead and add that to the list.

  1. Help the Environment

Bike riding preserves the ecosystem and has great contributions for the planet. One way to go green and help the environment is to avoid starting your engines and simply take your bicycle. Driving vehicles everyday causes substantial damage to our planet.

  1. Decrease Depression

Biking is good for the mind. Regular exercise regulates the brain chemistry and increase your mood. Sometimes, when you're down, all you need is a breath of fresh air. Having the ability to absorb nature with all of your senses, can boost your energy and raise depression.

  1. Enjoy Quality Time
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Experience all the things mentioned above with some of your family and friends. What is better than quality time in the beautiful outdoors. A bike ride with family can be a fun activity to do with the kids; they are getting out all of their energy while exercising, and they do not even realize it.

These are the top reasons for loving to bike at Bike Rentals Central Park. Do you have any we didn’t mention?


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