Commercial Flooring for Restaurants Need to be Super-Hero Strong to Meet the Challenge

Commercial Flooring for Restaurants

Every square foot of a successful restaurant must perform consistently at the highest level, whether it’s an elegant 5-star restaurant or a popular neighborhood café.

Of all the decisions that go into the creation of a great restaurant, the choice of flooring is one of the most important ones. From the bar and dining area to the kitchen, bathrooms, and employee rooms, flooring must be high-performance to withstand the steady flow of traffic without breaking down.

Popular flooring choices of restaurants are

  • Hardwood flooring
  • Laminate flooring
  • Luxury vinyl flooring
  • Eco flooring
  • Linoleum flooring

Compared to other flooring, hardwood floors—especially hardwood flooring infused with acrylic resin—is engineered to be 300% more durable than regular hardwood floors with longer-lasting beauty that resists wear and tear and remains resilient to surface and structural damage far better than regular hardwood floors. Even though engineering hardwood flooring may cost you more upfront, the longer life-cycle value and low maintenance easily makes it the smartest flooring investment for your restaurant.

The helpful infographic below from Nydree Flooring illustrates the “5 Things You Need to Consider When Selecting Commercial Flooring for High-Traffic Areas.” Learn why acrylic-infused commercial hardwood flooring has super-hero qualities you can trust.

Commercial Flooring for Restaurants Need to be Super-Hero Strong to Meet the Challenge

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