Different areas you can get liposuction

Different areas you can get liposuction

Curious as to where exactly on your body that you can get liposuction performed? The short answer is, almost any area where you want superficial fat removed from! Read on for information on liposuction’s most commonly treated areas.


The most common area to be treated, however, it can only be used to treat subcutaneous fat which is the superficial kind. People often opt to sculpt the waist including the love handles at the rear (bra strap region) which is also referred to as the flanks. The firmer your skin is, the better the results.


Breast reduction via liposuction is typically performed via a tumescent technique that uses mircocannulas. Many people see a lift in their chest after undergoing this procedure, even though their shape is not really altered. This is because the size has reduced and elevation occurs as the skin has less weight to support.  Men and women commonly undergo liposuction in this region.

Neck, chin and cheeks

Although neck liposuction may seem a little drastic, many people agree it provides a more natural look as versus a facelift. If performed to reduce wrinkles, this procedure is typically undertaken in conjunction with a skin resurfacing procedure such as laser for best results.


The leg is a large area and therefore there are several options for lipo in this region. Most common are outer thighs, inner thighs, and knees, although people also may opt to remove fat from calves and even ankles. Circumferential thigh reduction is also possible, but when people colloquially refer to toe liposuction, cosmetic surgery on feet is a different procedure. Leg liposuction is generally done more superficially due to the location of leg fat and as such, is a delicate area to have contoured.

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Hips and buttocks

Many people simply want to rid themselves of the side bulge where the thigh meets the hip, often described as banana shaped. However, due to close proximity to the thighs, often a surgeon will need to address this region more holistically to get the best result rather than targeting one area that may result in a disproportionate look. For the gluteals, size can be reduced and the shape can also be contoured in order to achieve symmetry or a degree of perkiness that a patient desires.


Predominately requested by women, arm liposuction is commonly requested to make the arm appear in proportion to the body which has an all over slimming effect. Although the back of the arm is what most women wish to aesthetically improve, liposuction that addresses the ‘bingo wing’ will remove fat from almost three quarters of the arm’s circumference. Other regions that can be addressed include the anterior or posterior fat that appears in front/behind the arm pit. This is one area that you don’t want to remove too much fat from though, so be sure to consult with someone who is experienced in performing this type of liposuction in order to achieve a svelte look that suits your overall figure.


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