5 Time-saving House Cleaning Tips You May Don’t Know

5 Time-saving House Cleaning Tips You May Don't Know

Housecleaning is an inevitable part of our life no matter where you live in, whether be it a bungalow or an apartment; and you may need home cleaning London also if living in the UK. Though house cleaning is regarded as a toilsome and time-consuming task, applying a few tips and tricks could make the job a lot easier and save you a lot of time. Cleaning the house won’t have to take the whole day anymore. Here are 5 simple tips that will cut down the time you spent on housecleaning.

  1. Removing Distractions

Distractions do happen- if you get distracted during your house cleaning campaign, it will take more time to finish than expected. So, make your phone silent, shut down the laptop or computer and turn your TV off. Remove as many distractions as possible and try to streamline your house cleaning time strictly. House cleaning experts have even suggested using a timer to record the house cleaning time to check the effectiveness of removing distractions.

  1. Starting with the easy ones

Start small; go easy on your cleaning spree: spiff ups the rooms or places with low-traffic quickly. This will help you get motivated to see through your whole cleaning job. Based on your house type, the living room, home office or dining room could be the good place to start. Once the easy areas are done, start cleaning the high traffic area like bathrooms or kitchens.

  1. Developing Squeegee Habit
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Who is fond of cleaning the shower and bathtub? Nobody! Everyone tries to avoid this cleaning chore. However, you can reduce the frequency of cleaning the bathroom by using a Squeegee. Wipe the walls, tub sides and even the floor with it. It will help remove shampoo and soap residue. Ask everyone in the house to use it after using the bathroom. If they do it, you won’t need to clean the bathroom no more than once in a month.

Home cleaning like a pro

  1. Steaming the Microwave

Never use any kind of cleaning chemicals inside the microwave. This may damage the appliance as well as can lead to accident. Well… how could you remove all those food splatters from the walls, floor and ceiling of microwave then? Nothing to worry. Take a coffee mug full of water and steam it for 2-3 minutes in the microwave so that it gets steamy and nicely warm. This steam from the water will soften the food splatters and you will be able to wipe them out easily with a clean piece of cloth.

  1. Shaking Crumbs and Debris on the Floor

You will be able to clean faster if you don’t need to think of where the dust is falling down. So, feel free to shake the crumbs, dust, hairs or debris on the floor when you clean the bookshelves, curtains, mantle pieces or lampshades. Just follow the floor cleaning rules and vacuum the dust and debris. A vacuum cleaner- particularly one with a HEPA filter- will help you serve the purpose best in this regard.  If you frequently use the vacuum cleaner, don’t forget to keep it in good shape as well.

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If you want to clean your house like the pros, once in a while take professional cleaning services from reputable service provider like Cleaning Pros. Seeing them clean all parts of your home can be a good learning experience for cleaning your home nice and quick.

6 comments on “5 Time-saving House Cleaning Tips You May Don’t Know

  1. Thank you so much for freely sharing all your tips on home cleaning! Having a clean home helps to enjoy with your family. Messy home looks untidy and is not good for health. With all these tips, anyone can clean their house without consuming more time.

  2. Point 2, start with the easy ones.

    This is not just a god like tip for cleaning it’s to do with everything in life. I was Googling for something and came across this article when I got distracted. Yes, I’ll admit it haha! But I was just looking at my task list for the day and the way I sort things is like this.

    – 2 minutes or less
    – 10 minutes or less
    – 1 hour
    – over one hour

    I find that most of the time more than half of the times I need to do are under 10 minutes. The same goes for cleaning your home. So if you make the list of all the quick and fast tasks to do. Get them done first. All of a sudden cleaning you home is more than half done and it doesn’t seem so overwhelming anymore.

    Just my thoughts anyhow.

  3. There are several tips which you should keep in mind during the cleaning of house as it is the best way for cleaning the house as you should always start with easy part by which you can clean easily without too much difficulty.

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