A Guide To Achieving A Fresh And Modern Living Room With Minimal Fuss

A Guide To Achieving A Fresh And Modern Living Room With Minimal Fuss

Achieving a fresh and modern living room really doesn’t have to be difficult. This post has some simple tips that just about anybody can use to create a fresh and modern living room with minimal fuss. Are you ready to see what you can do?

Choose Bright Colors And Unusual Shapes
You don't have to cover your home in different colors. You don't even have to have vibrant shades of pink and blue. A bright color could simply be bright white - which many interior designers are obsessed with these days for its ‘instagram-ability’. Make sure you choose a bright shade you love, and incorporate some unusual shapes in the form of furniture and accessories to finish it off. Texture is key!

Purchase New Hardware
If you want to perk up your living room quickly and inexpensively, hardware is the way to go. By replacing your hardware you can quickly and effectively change the look of any room.

Be Really Picky
Don’t just let any old accessory into your home. Be really picky and take your time. Don’t stress over it!

Select The Right Windows
The right windows instantly perk up not only the living room, but the exterior of your home too. You need windows that match the period of your home, as well as windows that will last, insulate your home, and let in plenty of light. For a fresh and modern home, make sure your windows have a large viewing space for maximum light in the day time. You can look at the infographic below for even more ideas!

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window stytles inforgraphic
look at these Types of Windows

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