The Ultimate Guide to Holiday Packing Infographic

The Ultimate Guide to Holiday Packing Infographic

Fairmont Hotels & Resorts recently published a super handy infographic where they share their best holiday packing hacks. The guide looks at different types of items such as clothes, shoes, jewellery, gadgets, toiletries and sports equipment, providing tips for how to best pack them in your luggage to save space and protect them from breaking during the journey. For instance, an easy hack to prevent your compact powder from cracking is to fill it with a cotton pad.

At the bottom of the infographic you’ll also find a folding guide illustrating how to keep your suit jacket and shirt wrinkle-free while travelling (so that you don’t need to worry about ironing clothes on your vacation!)

Before your next trip, make sure to check the guide out. You’ll find it here:

Ultimate Guide to Holiday Packing infographic

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