A Week In Canada: An Activity For Each Day

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A week doesn’t seem like enough time to explore everything that Canada has to offer; lush forests, the mighty peaks of British Columbia and the Rockies, and the modern landscape of Toronto. However, if a week is all you have, then this list should give you a few suggestions to help you make the most of your trip. Follow it to the letter, or let it inspire you. Whether you’re going by yourself, with a loved one, or as part of a group, Canada is a country that will always be worth exploring.

Horseshoe Falls (Niagara Falls, Canada side)

Named for the shape that nature created, the Horseshoe Falls practically dwarf the Niagara Falls on the American side. Even if you’re not usually fascinated by nature, this is something that can’t be missed if you’re staying in Toronto. Make a day of this excursion by booking a table at the Skylon Tower, which has a 360 degree panoramic view of the whole area.

Quebec Province

Quebec is distinctly French-Canadian, so brush up on your French to make the most of your experience. History enthusiasts are in for a treat, as Quebec City is the only city in North America that is stone-walled, and most of the historic buildings are still in a preserved state. The food, music, and art are a wonderful representation of the history of the Province. You are at risk of falling in love with this city and never returning home.

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If spending a day in Quebec Province didn’t have you looking up How To Immigrate To Canada, then maybe Toronto will be the city that sways you. It is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Canada, taking on aspects of all the different provinces. The different cultures are reflected in the food, art, fashion, and entertainment. The best time to visit Toronto is during one of the many festivals it hosts throughout the summer – it’s a chance to see the city at its most exciting time.

Connect with your wild side

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Have you ever heard a wolf howl up close and wanted to join in? If you’re going to Canada between August and September, that wish could soon be a reality. Each year, at the Algonquin Park in Ontario, guests to the park watch park rangers call out to the area’s packs with their best howls. The packs answer back, and then everyone heads out in expert–led car caravans to try to catch a glimpse of the creatures up close. It’s hauntingly beautiful, but perfectly safe.

British Columbia and the Canadian Rockies

No trip to Canada is complete without a visit to British Columbia – possibly the only place where you can get a glimpse of old Europe. Cap off your trip with high tea and crumpets at the Empress Princess Hotel and Tea House to see what life was like in the British Empire during the 19th century. Judging by the clothes they wear, the waiters and even the ladies take this event very seriously.


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