What Are the Warning Signs That a Commercial Refrigerator Needs to Be Repaired?

Commercial Refrigerator man checking fridge issues

If a business depends on the efficiency of commercial refrigeration, even a small issue can adversely affect their business as equipment that is not performing its tasks can results in spoilt food, elimination of ice, deserts that have completely melted out and many more. Some of the warning signs that show commercial fridge repairs should be explored are:

Sweating of refrigeration system

The concept of sweating is seen very frequently in refrigerators. It occurs when moisture is formed on the exterior portion of the refrigerator, especially the door. This usually occurs if the doors are not closed properly or the sealing or gaskets are damaged. Sweating indicates that there is a lot of moisture going inside the refrigerator and the defrosting ability is negatively affected.

Accumulation of frost in the interior of refrigeration units

Frost usually doesn’t accumulate in the modern refrigeration systems. If frost is seen, then something has gone wrong with the system. This can be the result of the door not being closed, damage to the sealing etc. The most likely reason can be the failure of the defrost system. Here, the business should definitely look at the commercial fridge repair options that can be used.

Strange noises coming out of the refrigeration unit

If the compressor is not performing its functions properly, then very strange noises come out of the entire refrigeration system. Sometimes these noises can be the result of a problem with the exhaust fan, which causes an increase in the temperature of the entire refrigeration unit due to poor heat transfer. This is a definite sign that commercial fridge repairs should be explored.

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Alongside also check for-

  • The control board fails to display anything even if the power is turned on – This can be the result of a blown fuse, loss of phase, failure of control boards, or the transformer gets shorted.
  • Increase in the discharge pressure – This can be the result of the fan not running at its optimum efficiency, dirt on the condenser coil, or overcharging of the refrigerant. This is a definite sign that commercial fridge repairs should be explored.
  • Decrease in discharge pressure – This is usually the case if the suction pressure is low or there is insufficient refrigerant in the system.
  • Increase in suction pressure – If the load is excessive or there is overfeeding in the expansion valve, the system’s suction pressure increases rapidly. This is a definite sign that commercial fridge repairs should be explored.
  • Decrease in suction pressure – This usually occurs if the refrigerant in the system completely drains out, there is dirt on the evaporator, or the fans do not function efficiently.
  • Flashing of the display screen and the entire unit emits out a humming noise – This is due to a faulty alarm indicator.

Commercial Refrigerator man checking fridge issues

  • Spoilt food – This is due to irregular maintenance of the entire refrigeration system.
  • Leaks – This causes puddles around the refrigeration system, which in turn creates safety hazards for the employees working close to the refrigeration unit.
  • Increase in electricity usage charges – If the business owner notices a sudden spike in the value of electricity bill, it means that the entire system is not regularly maintained.
  • Heat – If extra heat is being emitted by the refrigeration system, then something is definitely wrong. This can be the result of dust being accumulated on the coils of the condenser. So, it is very important to ensure that the condenser should be cleaned on a monthly basis.
  • Worn out gaskets – The opening and closing of the door cause the gaskets to wear out.
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High difference between the room temperature of the cold storage and the point that is set on the control panel – This is the result of leaving the sensor of the contactor open, the excessive length of the sensor wire, or the placement of the sensor.

4 comments on “What Are the Warning Signs That a Commercial Refrigerator Needs to Be Repaired?

  1. Before doing any work on a refrigerator or freezer, make sure it’s unplugged. After unplugging the unit, check to see if the motor/compressor has a capacitor; this component is located in a housing on the top of the motor. Capacitors store electricity, even when the power to the unit is turned off. Before you do any work on a capacitor-type refrigerator or freezer, you must discharge the capacitor, or you could receive a severe shock.

    1. Thanks for the tips on repairing refrigerators, Alex. I appreciate the insight as capacitors can be dangerous to work with but are quite often the culprit in electrical issues in regard to repairing appliances such as the fridge! 🙂

  2. I’m glad that you mentioned how excessive heat coming from the refrigeration system may point to dirty condenser coils. My sister runs a small restaurant, and she has told me how her fridge emits more heat than usual. She relies on fresh ingredients, so I would hate to hear that a broken fridge had crippled her operation. I’ll be sure to advise her that she may need a professional appliance maintenance service to take a look at her condenser for her.

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