Topic: Skip Bin Hire Safety: Tips on How to Avoid Skip Bin Fires

skip waste bin fires

If you have a lot of rubbish to dispose, skip bin hire services can help you out. Skip bins are designed to store all kinds of garbage and rubbish. These come in various sizes and based on the amount of garbage that will be produced the correct size of bin should be procured. When you plan to skip bin hire you need to also inform the skip bin hire services the height of the skip bin you need. These skip bins either have doors so that they can be easily accessed and allow for safety in loading, or have ramps to facilitate smooth loading of garbage. Some bins have tarps over them so that the garbage is not blown out when it is being transported away.

Skip bins have certain dos and don’ts attached to them. You need to find out from the company as to what type of garbage is allowed to be loaded in the skip bin and what is not. Electronics and electrical equipment are not allowed as they are fire hazards. The same goes for gasoline, chemicals and solvents.

It is necessary for the safety of all concerned and to be environmentally conscious that no gas bottles, oil, paint, thinners, liquid waste, tires, explosives or flammable materials are put into the bin as they can cause fires as well.

Other tips to prevent fires in skip bins when you opt for skip bin hire services are:

  1. The skips should be kept a minimum of 10 meters away from the building.
  2. The rubbish should be kept in the skip and not left near it on the ground.
  3. The pallets as well as waste packing needs to be removed at the earliest.
  4. When the skip is full, it should be transported away as soon as possible.
  5. Skips which are full should not be left during the holidays or even weekends.
  6. Fire exits should not be blocked.
  7. The skips should only be placed in areas which are designated for them.
  8. Combustible waste should not be stored within 2 meters of fences.
  9. Wheelie bins should not be overfilled and rubbish should never be placed around them either.
  10. Wheelie bins need to be place out only when they are to be collected.
  11. Any waste which is flammable needs to be stored in rubbish containers which are made of metal and they should have lids which are self clothing.
  12. These bins should not be near smoking areas.
  13. The bins should be locked when they are not in use.
  14. Perimeter fencing should be installed and maintained so that the property can be properly locked at night. When coupled with security lighting as well as surveillance equipment, vandals will be discouraged from starting fires.
  15. The wheelie bins should never be stored near doors or windows because in case there are fires in the bin, it will easily spread due to the wood.
  16. The wheelie should not be overfilled else inflammable loose rubbish can easily catch fire.
  17. Any items which are hot should not be placed in the skip bin hire. These even include charcoal from barbecues, fireplace ash, ashtray contents and the like. These items need to be cooled and only then can it be disposed in the skip bin.
  18. When it is bushfire season, a bin with a lid is the best option.
  19. The bins should never have acids, grease, noxious materials, pesticides, herbicides, batteries, mattresses, gas cylinders and gas bottles in them.
  20. Also in green bins tree branches, timber, sleepers, copper logs and stumps more than 100 mm in diameter are not allowed.avoid waste bin fires
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If you are opting for skip bin hire services, keep these tips in mind to store the skip bin hire properly and to prevent unnecessary fires. Doing so can keep nearby occupants free from harm and potentially safe from accidental fires. Take professional advice from the skip bin hire services for additional precautionary measure to be taken and make the best out of the skip bins.


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7 comments on “Topic: Skip Bin Hire Safety: Tips on How to Avoid Skip Bin Fires

  1. I liked how the article emphasized to inform the skip bin hire services the height of the skip bin you need. I remember when we were cleaning out a house when I was 6-years old and we ran our of room in the skip bins. If we do a cleaning anytime soon we will be sure double check the height!

  2. I appreciate your tip to find make sure skip bins are only placed in designated areas. I also like what you said about skip bins having different purposes. I’ve also heard it’s a good idea to temporarily rent skip bins for projects.

  3. I didn’t realize that skip bins had certain dos and don’ts attached to them, or that you could be fined for inappropriately using them! Your list of tips (like keeping them a minimum of 10 meters away from the building) to avoid fines is extremely helpful, thank you very much. I would imagine that it would also be helpful to ask the company you are hiring from what the dos and dont’s are.

    1. Yes; and also check your county’s recycling and waste management general rules as well: typically calling your waste management company can answer the bulk of any left over questions you may have after reading this post. Thanks, Luke!

  4. Thanks so much for pointing out that there are safety considerations even with skip bins. I bet most skip companies would love t know that you were conscientiously avoiding flammable materials, paint thinner, and other hazardous wastes. I bet that if you had things like this to get rid of you could consult with the company and see what options they had for you.

    1. Yes; if all consumers consciously pointed out those hazards and abided by the companies’ guidelines and all legalities, I am sure they would be much more open to setting up a bin disposal system for inflammable and hazardous waste. You are right.

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