Canvas Awnings- A Perfect Design Set-Up to Decorate Your Home Exteriors

Canvas Awnings- A Perfect Design Set-Up to Decorate Your Home Exteriors
Canvas Awnings- A Perfect Design Set-Up to Decorate Your Home Exteriors

When it comes to decorating the exterior of the house- mainly the entrance and the windows, Canvas awnings are the perfect blend of decoration and serves the utility purpose of covering the area just outside the door or windows of a house. This extension is usually a secondary covering that is attached to the exterior of a wall, window or side lane. This utility feature that offers shade protects doors and windows from rain and also enhances the look of the concrete building.  The space in front of the entrance door can be utilized by adding the awning, which is also known as an overhang or an additional covering to the exterior wall of the building.

Canvas Awnings- A Perfect Design Set-Up to Decorate Your Home Exteriors
Canvas Awnings- A Perfect Design Set-Up to Decorate Your Home Exteriors

The awning is usually made of canvas that is woven of acrylic, cotton or polyester yarn and is stretched tightly over some planar frames. The awning is always located immediately above the window or a door, and can be also placed differently like columns that are suitable for patio decoration. This overhang is a powerful piece of decoration which helps to keep the window and door protected from sun and rain. There are different types of awnings. Let’s have sneak peek into its various types:-

yellow canvas awning

  • The Propulsive awning can be closed and opened manually.
  • Retractable are gaining popularity and is in trend usually used in patios.
  • Aluminum awnings are cost effective as they are long- lasting.
  • Modern awnings are made wind tolerant and are rated on the basis of size, the material used as well as wind sensors and supporting joints.striped canvas awning
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Let us check into various ideas as to how to decorate your exterior with canvas awnings:-

  • Valiant Canvas Awning– This fabric awning blocks direct sunlight and acts as a kind of coolant for the interior of the house. This enhances the exterior look of a house and protects the furnishing from fading.
  • Elite Canvas Door Awning- Door awning blocks direct sunlight and protects the door and entry from atmosphere components. It serves as a shield for interior carpet, drapes, and furniture from fading.
  • Waterfront Canvas Awning– It adds to the beauty of the exterior by reducing the sun’s direct alpha rays entering home.
  • Islander Canvas Awning– It will not only reduce the direct sunlight but will also enhance the exterior home decor as it is without side panels.
  • Bay Canvas Awning- It can be mostly used on windows as it will serve the purpose to protect windows from fading through direct sunlight and also reducing its damage from direct rain.
  • Surf liner Retractable Window Awning– It is most suitable for the winter season as it easily rolls up and allows direct sunlight to enter the home and increases internal canvas awning

Awnings are in use since the ancient civilizations namely Egyptian and Syrian. They were called ‘woven mats’ used as shades for market stall and homes during that time. With time it grew popular and is still in use even in the contemporary era. It is available and used in both low as well as high- end areas. Canvas Awnings range from low to very high prices as they are used in both low to high- class homes.

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An awning or overhang is a secondary covering attached to the exterior wall of a building, which gives a perfect design to decorate the part outside of a building.


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