New Year Inspiration for 2016

Happy New Year! I am determined to make 2016 a successful and fun one. In order to do that I need inspiration! I am loving gold and white color combinations. My dream would be to have an office with these colors (with a pop of pink of course)! What do you think? What color palette's are you loving for the New Year?


I religiously drink tea or coffee every morning. These colors are perfect for just that!


Here are some office ideas. Peach and gray are stunning accent colors.


Yes to these DIY potted plants! How cute for an office or home decoration.


Any of these white and gold accessories would make my day sparkle! What is your favorite?


So this is my 2016 color swatch, gold and white. The glitter and peach hues add an extra touch of fabulous and fun! Happy 2016!


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