Never Let That Flame Fade

I recently came across a website that will help you keep your marriage/relationship stay strong forever!

The Dating Divas is a blog, showing how to keep that spark alive between you and your partner. I have used a couple different ideas from here before for some of my do-it-yourself projects. In The Doghouse was one project and also my frame printout for my All About You Basket.

I love these ideas because they are cheap, easy and they work! 

Take a peek at some of my favorite projects and please try them out!

(Click link below picture for tutorial)

Reservation at the Heartbreak Hotel

Sincere Apology

Summertime Fun


You Are The....

How To Say, "I'm Sorry"


READ  Now this is a cinnamon roll! Thank you Gaston's Tavern 🙌🏽

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