Running To Keep Breathing

I am running to raise money for Joyce, who can hopefully receive a bilateral lung transplant

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Joyce’s Journey
Running To Keep Breathing

Joyce Jensen is a Nurse Practitioner, who works with my Dad. She treated me when I had a bad sinus infection. She made me better in no time and I never would have guessed what she was dealing with when I met her. She is currently awaiting to have BOTH of her lungs transplanted from a donor. She has to be by a phone at all times, in case she gets that phone call. She only has a matter of a couple hours to get on a plane to a Hospital and into surgery. I could not even fathom what this would feel like. 

Please click here to help contribute


On June 1st, my Dad and I are running a 5K race. We are going to be running together for Joyce. Our goal is to raise $100 for her.

Please help make a contribution for Joyce’s journey!

Every penny literally counts!

*Click here to help contribute!*

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Joyce’s Blog

101 comments on “Running To Keep Breathing

  1. I hope there are some more donations and comments on this blog post; Joyce can use all the support possible. Any others out there?

  2. Thanks for all your support thru all this Rachel!
    You are awesome, one of my goals after getting new lungs will be to run a 5k!

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