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 For Valentine’s day, I made a popcorn mix with Wilton Candy Melts and M&M’s. This was so addicting, easy, cheap, fun, delicious, cute, thoughtful, quick and unique…I could just keep going on forever about it! I made treat bags to hand out to family members and co-workers and knew this would be a perfect treat to incorporate. It was such a hit! I caught myself snacking on this so much, I had to hide it so I wouldn’t eat it all! Since M&M’s make different colors for every occasion, this does not have to be just for Valentine’s day. I enjoyed making this, it is almost TOO good to be such an easy recipe! I am now looking forward to playing around with different colors of chocolate and M&M’s. The options are endless! 

3 Simple Ingredients: White popcorn, M&M’s and Wilton’s Candy Melts

Empty the bag of the candy melts into a microwave safe bowl and melt according to package

Once melted, pour the candy melts over the 2 bags of popped popcorn

Empty the whole bag of M&M’s into the mixture and mix until evenly covered 

For quicker drying time, spread mixture onto baking sheets 

Let dry to harden and enjoy! 

What You Need:
  • 1 bag of M&M’s
  • 2 bags of microwaveable white popcorn 
  • 1 bag of Wilton’s Candy Melts (Your choice of color (flavor), I used white)
How To Make:
  1. Pop 2 bags of popcorn according to directions and empty into a large bowl
  2. Microwave the Wilton’s Candy Melts according to package
  3. Pour the Candy Melts over the popcorn and mix until covered using a spatula or wooden spoon
  4. Add the bag of M&M’s and mix thoroughly into popcorn mixture 
  5. Spread on large baking sheet to allow time to dry before placing it in bags
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