*My Heart Pops For You*

 For Valentine's day, I made a popcorn mix with Wilton Candy Melts and M&M's. This was so addicting, easy, cheap, fun, delicious, cute, thoughtful, quick and unique...I could just keep going on forever about it! I made treat bags to hand out to family members and co-workers and knew this would be a perfect treat to incorporate. It was such a hit! I caught myself snacking on this so much, I had to hide it so I wouldn't eat it all! Since M&M's make different colors for every occasion, this does not have to be just for Valentine's day. I enjoyed making this, it is almost TOO good to be such an easy recipe! I am now looking forward to playing around with different colors of chocolate and M&M's. The options are endless! 

3 Simple Ingredients: White popcorn, M&M's and Wilton's Candy Melts

Empty the bag of the candy melts into a microwave safe bowl and melt according to package

Once melted, pour the candy melts over the 2 bags of popped popcorn

Empty the whole bag of M&M's into the mixture and mix until evenly covered 

For quicker drying time, spread mixture onto baking sheets 

Let dry to harden and enjoy! 

What You Need:
How To Make:
  1. Pop 2 bags of popcorn according to directions and empty into a large bowl
  2. Microwave the Wilton's Candy Melts according to package
  3. Pour the Candy Melts over the popcorn and mix until covered using a spatula or wooden spoon
  4. Add the bag of M&M's and mix thoroughly into popcorn mixture 
  5. Spread on large baking sheet to allow time to dry before placing it in bags
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4 comments on “*My Heart Pops For You*

  1. I’m sad to say that my husband and I stink at maknig time for ourselves to go out without the kids. We actually did go out to dinner with another couple a few weeks ago but before that I can’t remember how long ago it had been. Thanks for sharing all of these links. I happened to discover The Dating Divas on Pinterest recently and love some of their ideas. One of the “goals” I have for myself this year is to make a more intentional effort with my husband. Our situation is unique in that we see each other a lot. He works from home almost every day so we are around each other a lot more than most couples. But even though we see each other we still need to set aside time to really focus on each other. We haven’t come up with any plans for Valentine’s so I am hoping to get inspired with these ideas.Thanks again,Jennifer

    1. It is so nice you acknowledge to make more of an effort! Even if you make an effort with the little things, like writing a quick post it note saying “I Love You” helps a lot! Even set aside a day weeks ahead to have a “date-night” and go out to dinner, a movie or cook together! It is just taking that first step!
      Thank you for your comment Jennifer! I hope some of these ideas help! If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me at [email protected]
      ~Rachael =)

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