*Milk Jug Ghost*


I was emptying my milk carton the other day and figured I could put it to good use as a Halloween decoration. I quickly grabbed the sharpie and black acrylic paint. This took me about five minutes to complete. I painted the pink top of the milk carton black, to match better. I then took my black sharpie and made a scary/creepy/happy face? I am not to sure what I was going for, but it works! On Halloween I will insert a glow stick or flicker light, so it will light up in the dark!

make a ghost out of a milk jug

My supplies: Black acrylic paint, black sharpie and empty rinsed out milk carton

easy halloween kid decorations

I painted the cap black, so it would match and look like a ghost

easy halloween decorations to make

I drew a face onto the carton with my black sharpie

Make a ghost out of a milk carton

The final result! On Halloween, I will drop a glow-stick or flicker light in, so the ghost will be glowing in the dark!


  • Black sharpie marker
  • Rinsed out milk carton
  • Black acrylic paint to cover the cap, if needed
  • Glow-stick or LED/flicker light 
How To Make:
  • Paint the cap black 
  • Use the sharpie to make a face/design on the milk carton
  • Drop a glow-stick, flicker or LED light into the carton to make the ghost come alive
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