*Cat Pumpkin Carving Template*

In honor of adopting my cat, I wanted to carve a pumpkin for him. Yes I am that person who treats their pet as if they were their own child. I was searching through different carving templates and saw this cat one. I knew it was perfect. I did not have a cat template in mind, just whatever I liked. But how could I not carve a cat for my cat! I also have never used a template before, so this was something new. I printed the template and cut it out. Next, I took a ball point pen and traced the stencil onto the pumpkin. My boyfriend then started the carving. He has the muscles so he was in charge of bringing the pumpkin to life. I contributed my share but he is the artist when it comes to carving. The pumpkin only took about 30 minutes and we were done. I used a magic eraser to wipe off the leftover pen ink on the pumpkin. We then carved a moon by freehand and inserted it in the pumpkin using 2 toothpicks. I think it completes the cat. We then lit the jack o'lantern and admired our work. It was perfect. What made it even better, was our cat admiring his first pumpkin. I think he knew it was just for him! 

cat halloween carving template printable

The template I found 

cat free carving template

The stencil of the cat in pen and the beginning of the carving

free cat carving halloween template

We added a moon by carving it on our own and inserted it with 2 toothpicks

free cat carving halloween template

My kitten admiring his pumpkin

free cat carving halloween template

Peeking through

free cat carving halloween template

I think he approves

free cat carving halloween template

He was all about his pumpkin

free cat carving halloween template

All lit up and glowing! 

free cat carving halloween template

He was memorized by the candle inside the jack o'lantern

free cat carving halloween template

Giving his approval

free cat carving halloween template

"Is this me?!"


  • Cat Template
  • Scissors and pen to cut and trace the pattern
  • Pumpkin carving knife
  • Newspaper as a work surface
  • Magic eraser to wipe the leftover pen ink off...works like a charm!
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