*Wonderful Weekend*

Green scarf cute outfit

48 hours has gone too fast and is almost over. Why are weekends so quick? I definitely savored this weekend because it was so much fun. Most of that fun involved relaxing and doing a whole lot of nothing. Usually I am jam packed with a long list of places to jump to one after another. But this weekend, we got to do what we wanted, and it was wonderful! 

cute blue and green scarf outfit

I wore my blue v-neck shirt and green scarf to brighten up the dreary weather we were having

cute sunglasses picture

My "celebrity sunglasses" pose

manicure and pedicure

My boyfriend treated me to a much needed manicure and pedicure. My feet are quite unattractive from running. My toes peel and I have blisters. The nail tech pulled a miracle and transformed my feet to normal again. I also had the shellac nail-polish applied on my fingernails. This is the only type of manicure I will ever get. It honestly lasts fourteen days. I always bang my nails against stuff at home and at work and the nail-polish will not budge. If you have not tried the shellac, give it a chance. It makes your nails feel so smooth and looks like you have acrylics on. I walked out of there a very satisfied and happy woman and gosh did it feel good to be pampered!

uno game night

On Saturday after we volunteered at Petsmart, my sister came over to hang out with us and we decided to have a game and pizza night! We played Uno (which I won for the first time ever), the game Pit, ordered pizza, worked on Halloween crafts and listened to Derek play his guitar. It was mellow, relaxing and tons of fun!

oasis hot-tubbing grand rapids, michigan

Sunday afternoon, we went hot-tubbing outdoors. It was such a cool place where you can hot tub, listen to music and enjoy the scenery. It felt like a mini vacation, which we both needed and left feeling rejuvenated!

pumpkin green apples

We then went to get our pumpkins at a little farm about 15 minutes from our home. We bought a handful of pumpkins and a hay bale. I also found these green pumpkins that look like apples, too stinkin' cute!

comfy cute sweatshirt

And this is me at the end of the weekend. In sweats, barely any makeup, comfortable and enjoying the few hours I have left of this Funday Sunday! 

What did everyone else's Sunday Funday/Weekend consist of?!

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