*Spray Painted Mason Jar*

makeup brushes in mason jar

I have had a couple Mason Jars sitting around and wanted to use them. My sister was over and we were thinking of craft ideas. I thought we could try spray painting my mason jar. I had no idea how to go about it, so I figured we would spray it and hope it turned out!

spray painting a mason jar

We found the Krylon Glitter Blast on sale and definitely wanted to try it out and see how it looked

spray paint a mason jar

I turned the mason jar upside down and sprayed the jar vertically, making sure there was at least 6 inches of space

glitter mason jar

We let dry for a half hour and used the glitter blast on the lid of the jar

spray painted glitter mason jar

We loved the glitter with the teal…it adds some bling!

glitter spray painted mason jar

 You could really have fun using the glitter and they have so many different colors to choose from

put makeup brushes in a mason jar

I thought this would be a fun jar to use for makeup brushes

makeup brushes in mason jar

 So spray painting a mason jar works just fine. I did notice if you get any bubbles to keep spraying down and the bubbles will drip to the bottom of the jar and disappear. Another easy, cheap and quick project to make…and another reason to love mason jars even more!


  • Turn mason jar upside down
  • Spray paint the jar vertically, making sure there is at least a 6 inch space between the paint and jar
  • If bubbles appear, keep spraying in a downward motion until the bubbles drip to the bottom of the jar
  • Let dry at least 30 minutes
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