About Me

*Running Addict, Disney Dreamer, Summer loving, Tea drinking, Animal Lover, Craft Do-er, and Fashion Obsessed all rolled into one*


Welcome to Tasteful Space. I am Rachael!

I am an open minded, care-free, big-hearted, tiny girl who loves day dreaming and wishing I was in Disney World most of the time!


I am an avid runner and compete in races in my city. Running is my therapy, my stress reliever and a lifestyle. I recently ran my 2nd 25K and 4th Half Marathon! 


I love to travel and am a Disney Dreamer. I visited in April 2015 and hope to one day run in a Disney Race!


I have fashion fever and love everything about it. The hardest question I ask myself each morning is, “What do I wear”?

I enjoy choosing outfits that are affordable, fun, comfortable and stylish.


My goal for this blog is to document the little things that make me happy. This is my simple space and I love connecting with other people who share the same hobby.

If you have any questions feel free to e-mail me: [email protected]….I will enjoy responding to you!