Guide to Playing Aviator Mostbet in Azerbaijan


Aviator, developed by Spribe, is a thrilling crash game available on Mostbet Azerbaycan, featuring high volatility and a 97% Return to Player (RTP). Its standout feature is the immersive design, where players watch an airplane’s flight from a perspective akin to an air traffic controller’s cabin. As the plane ascends, the potential winnings multiply. The challenge lies in cashing out before the plane vanishes from the radar or risk losing the bet. Potential multipliers can soar to over x1000.

Overview of Aviator at Mostbet

The game offers straightforward rules that are easy to grasp for beginners, combined with a dynamic and visually engaging interface. Aviator on Mostbet provides several player-friendly features:

  • Dual Betting: Players have the option to place two simultaneous bets.
  • Automatic Betting: Set your bets on autopilot by selecting “Automatic bet” in the Auto tab of the betting panel.
  • Auto Cash Out: Secure your earnings automatically by clicking the “Auto Cash Out” button, though it’s available for just one of the two bets if both are placed.
  • Access to Game Statistics: Insights into past game outcomes, highest multipliers, and notable wins are available in the menu, helping players make informed decisions.

How to Play Aviator on Mostbet

To engage with Aviator for real stakes:

  1. Register and log into Mostbet.
  2. Upon loading the game, explore the rules and settings via the menu icon.
  3. Place your bets, either manually or through quick-selection buttons, and confirm them before each round begins.
  4. As the round starts, the plane climbs and multipliers increase. Secure your winnings by hitting “Cash Out” before the plane disappears.

Playing Aviator on the Mostbet App

For mobile users, Aviator is accessible through Mostbet’s dedicated app, which can be downloaded from the official website. Once installed:

  1. Open the app and navigate to the game via the menu.
  2. Select between the demo or real money versions at the bottom of the screen.

Understanding Aviator’s Rules

The game starts with a multiplier at x1.00, which increases as the plane ascends. Winnings are calculated by the multiplier at the time of cashing out. Each round’s multiplier is determined by a provably fair random number generator, ensuring transparency and fairness.

Demo Mode

Experience the game without financial risk using the demo mode available on both the website and app. This mode is perfect for learning the game’s mechanics and testing strategies without actual financial consequences.

Strategies and Tips for Aviator

While Aviator’s results are determined by cryptographic technology ensuring fairness, players can adopt strategies to potentially enhance their performance:

  • Martingale Strategy: Double your bet after a loss, returning to the base bet after a win.
  • Anti-Martingale Strategy: Increase your bet after a win and reduce it after a loss, maximizing potential during good streaks and minimizing losses during bad ones.
  • Low-Risk Tactic: Start with low multiplier bets and increase stakes as your budget allows.
  • Medium-Risk Tactic: Analyze patterns and place multiple bets on medium multipliers around 2.00.
  • High-Risk Tactic: Aim for multipliers of x50 or more for significant, albeit riskier, rewards.

Before playing for real money, familiarize yourself with the game in demo mode, start with smaller bets, and always analyze previous round statistics to inform your betting strategy.


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