Useful Tips to Hiring a Driver in Bali


Traveling to Bali is an experience that must be felt at least once in your life. Bali is a very attractive tourist destination for international tourists. One of the important things to pay attention to when traveling to Bali is hiring a Driver in Bali.

Why you need to hire a driver when traveling in Bali? At least you will be accompanied by a local person who is very familiar with the Bali area, so you can travel more safely and comfortably.

7 Things You Must Pay Attention To

The following are some tips that you can do when looking for driver services on the island of Bali.

1. Find out the Rental Costs

This is a basic thing to pay attention to. You should find out what the price range is for renting a private car and driver. You have to do a lot of research and compare prices, especially as there are many types of cars to choose from and adjust to your preferences. The general price range for car rental and private driver is IDR 800k – 1200k depending.

2. Look for Rental Services Online

Tourists from abroad will certainly prefer drivers who are fluent in English to make communication easier. So that you don’t encounter many problems and difficulties in finding the driver you want, it will be much easier if you look for it online. There you can also find pictures and detailed price specifications.

3. Find Out The Rental Duration

The next important thing is the choice of rental duration available. See if you can rent for just half a day, or even for a few weeks, so you can adjust according to your needs and be much more flexible.

4. Understand Bali Geographically

An additional value that will be very meaningful for tourists is looking for a Driver in Bali who really understands the geography of Bali. Not only on the driver’s side, you yourself as a tourist also need to study Bali’s geography so you know the locations of interesting tourist attractions and determine your own travel route. To do this, you can use the maps application on your smartphone.

5. Clarify Your Tourist Destination

In connection with the previous explanation, understanding what tourist locations are in Bali will clarify your tourist destination. This can help you maximize your time and you can know what you can expect on your trip.

6. Visit the Souvenir Place

Not only does it provide natural tourism, you can also enjoy shopping tourism in Bali which provides lots of various souvenirs, fashionable clothes and typical Balinese clothing which will be very impressive for tourists, even on the trip you can also go on a culinary tour to enjoy pampering Balinese specialties.

7. Visit Tourist Attractions or Beach Clubs

Bali is famous for its many natural tourist attractions, and also for its no less interesting beach clubs. You can decide for yourself which one you want to choose or you can ask for recommendations from the driver so you can be more confident in your choice.

These are some of the things you need to know when you are looking for a car rental service and Driver in Bali so you can enjoy your tour to the fullest.


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