How To Dress Your Child Right: 5 Rules From Expert Designers


Babies and young children aren’t cooperative when it comes to dressing. They are far more interested in taking clothes off than wearing them. Sure, some are cooperative, but the majority are a challenge. So, parents must consider key factors like physical development. It varies across children. On average, a child gains around 12-14 pounds during the early years of growth. They also grow taller by as much as 10 inches. That’s why you should always select dresses with a short-term goal. And keep things to a bare minimum. The idea is to buy less clothes. But never compromise on quality.

Experts at leading Aussie kidswear brand Mini Haha advise against buying multiple clothes for children. Especially for kids who are 12 to 28 months old. Because, in no time, they will outgrow their clothes. So, it’s always wise to wash and reuse clothes. When your child turns two and above, you can think about building a wardrobe. Above everything, it’s how you choose to dress them that makes a difference. Here are five expert tips to help dress your children right. Read on!

Smart Dressing Isn’t For Adults Alone

Smart dressing for kids has numerous benefits. Firstly, it contributes to developing confidence and good manners. When people see your kid is dressed right for an occasion, it only earns praise. As they grow, they slowly pick up the habit. In the long run, it becomes a part of their personality. So, keep it casual the next time you take your kid to the park. Reserve the glitz and glamour for parties and weddings. It shows how good you are at upbringing when people see a well-presented kid. You know how it is. First looks, then manners.


Jeans And Slogan T-Shirts Are A No-No

Jeans are never an ideal fabric for children. It’s stiff and thus makes things uncomfortable. When a kid wears jeans for long hours, it can irritate them. Also, tight jeans restrict movement. And jeans can be a nightmare for babies who have progressed to wearing pants from nappies. 

The other thing that’s inappropriate for a kid is a slogan T-shirt unless you want your child to look like a walking-talking advertisement!

Say Yes To Any Colour But Not Grey

It’s odd to witness how grey as a colour has made it into the kid’s world. Grey is outright boring, dull, and gloomy. Instead, bright, pastel shades are best. If you like to keep things toned down, go for white or lighter hues of yellow. It suits any kid, from a month to ten years old. 

When In Doubt, Go Matchy-Matchy 

Matching top to bottom has always worked for kids, even more so when you have twins. Also, as a parent, you can wear the same print to take things up a notch. When your kid discovers you in the same print, it gives them added confidence. The bonding improves as they feel their parents are on their side no matter what. 

Go Classic Minus The Period Drama

Dresses inspired by fairy tales and children’s classics are a hit. However, as parents, you shouldn’t go overboard with the theme. It’s understandable how you want your daughter to look like Cinderella. But at the same time, try to use child-safe makeup and keep it simple and realistic. You aren’t competing against anyone. So, there’s no point putting up a period drama.

It’s All About Getting The Basics Right 

There’s great joy in dressing children. But only when you know what you are doing. No matter how you want your children to look, don’t follow the trend. They are often misleading. Instead, focus on the basics. Stay away from buying fabrics that irritate the skin. Also, watch out for tight necklines, sleeves, and armholes. They are a big no. Always aim to dress your kid for the occasion. Keep it simple. Keep it classy. And you will always find your kids smiling! 



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