5 Signs You Have a Gopher Problem


All pests can cause issues for your lawn, but gophers are the worst. Gophers can take a well-maintained lawn and turn it into tunnel mazes. Thankfully, there are many ways to get these pests under control, but the first step is identifying if gophers are actually the pests you’re dealing with. 

The first thing to identify is that there can be significant differences in the diets of these creatures. Insectivores (as the name suggests) mostly eat insects, and rodents love vegetation, including grass and plants in your garden. They dig those tunnels in your yard to search for food underneath. Herbivores also explore and look for tubers underground. 


As you may have guessed, using an insecticide will significantly reduce pest food supply, causing them to look elsewhere and leave your yard alone. You can also create barriers that keep pests from creating tunnels in the first place. To help you rule out one unwanted visitor, here are five signs you have a gopher problem and should search “gopher control near me” as your next step. 

Gophers are the largest yard pests, and they cause the most damage. If your lawn is thoroughly destroyed, you’re likely dealing with a gopher problem and should search “gopher control near me” for professional help


2. The damage occurs in Fall and Spring. 

Gophers are most active in the Fall and Spring months. Sometimes, during these times of the year, gophers are mistaken for moles because they also burrow toward the top of the ground. If you notice lawn damage during these seasons, you might be dealing with a gopher problem and should browse search results for “gopher control near me” to find pest control services. 

  • The dirt mounds are fan-shaped. 

You’re likely dealing with a gopher infestation if you spot fan-shaped piles of dirt. The fan shape reflects how gophers dig their tunnels, which is distinct from other pests that dig. When you search “gopher control near me,” you may also come across other indications, such as mounds looking like horseshoes.


4. Underground plant remains are brought to the lawn’s surface. 

Since gophers eat tubers and plants that grow underground, an indication you have a gopher problem is if you see plants from underground pulled up onto the yard’s surface. The roots of these plants may also have been chewed off. 


5. There are bare lawn patches. 

In addition to the fan-shaped piles, gophers leave bare lawn patches behind as they dig. If you’ve spotted bare spots, you may have a gopher infestation. You may also see a prevalence of these patches as gophers reproduce rapidly, with many gophers occupying one yard at a time. 


Call pest control services.  

The easiest way to identify that you have a gopher problem is by hiring an expert you find by searching “gopher control near me.” From there, you can resolve the pest issue and restore your lawn to good health.



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