How to Practice Video Editing: Comprehensive Guide


Videos are getting more and more popular on social media by the day. Also, the demand for video editors is high, as confirmed by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, and this is why one needs to develop video editing skills. However, you may not know how to practice video editing skills. Don’t worry; I have prepared this blog post for you to improve yourself in this field.

After you read this article, you will no longer be an amateur filmmaker but will be able to produce an outstanding scene that will attract many people.

Steps on How to Practice Video Editing Skills

If one aims to shoot documentaries, private shorts, or any video project for his accounts on various social media platforms, video editing is essential for post-production. We’ve listed the best steps to practice video editing that will aid you in enhancing your skills, comprehending the process, and being aware of editing mistakes you must avoid. They are;

1. Have a Target

This is the foremost step to learn how to practice video editing and improve your skills. You should have a goal and a unique idea for your audience. Before starting the project, plan your video’s flow and direction.

You might be editing footage for passion or with a particular group of people in mind. Ensure you’re aligning your edit to your campaign goals. That will help one to make video content with better focus and target.

2. Transcribing Your Clips

One can transcribe YouTube videos to text with ease, now making use of speech recognition technologies and transcriptions. Transcribing a scene will help to improve SEO, offer more excellent user experiences, and enhance deaf users’ accessibility.

You should utilize the YouTube subtitle downloader tools, which are amazing tools that give a free solution to YouTube users seeking to start downloading video subtitles with different formats like SRT, VTT, STL, SBV, SUB, ASS, DFXP, TTML, TXT, etc.

This YouTube subtitle downloader will save time whenever you’re converting, editing, or working on text outputs for video projects. It is the best subtitle downloader for you to utilize for transcribing your film.

3. Utilize a Good Device

Fast computers will help one focus better on his video editing job and also allow one to store big files. Still, you can make do with more affordable devices. Computers having quick processors, SSD, bigger RAMs, graphic cards, good camera angles, etc are perfect.

Additionally, many video editing tools exist now. Each video editing software has its own particular purpose and features, but the basic tools are alike. Ensure you always use a professional editor and master one of the tools. This will help you to create wonderful experiences for people.

4. Practice Editing

You should keep on practicing to become an expert video editor. Join video editing practice lessons and online tutorials, then go through guides. Doing these helps one to learn more about video editing all the time.

You mustn’t know or master top video editing apps or even create sophisticated content using various effects immediately. You should first edit short video clips such as quickies, ads, or video shots you created.

Use new techniques and video editing software, then compare what you did with others. When one does this, he’ll gain video editing experience and improve his techniques and lighting tricks.

5. Tell a Story

People love stories since they’re easily remembered. A dramatic film will have longer-lasting effects on people’s minds than narrative ones. Whenever you edit stock footage, don’t forget that you aren’t trimming additional portions, but you’re combining footage that will turn into a compelling story.

Without any doubt, mixing proper emotion with the targeted message will leave an impact all the time in your audience’s mind. In addition, you should be adding amazing voiceovers and using text-to-speech software for your video clips to be more compelling.

6. Know Keyboard Shortcuts

If you use a mouse to edit videos, you should switch and start using a keyboard. Video editing takes time, and for you to produce great stock footage within a shorter time, utilizing keyboard shortcuts is preferable.

They are not time-consuming and let one try any editing style, like audio editing for enhanced stock footage. Many editing tools have shortcut options for performing any edit. Using the keyboard shortcuts of your software will make you faster; therefore, you should locate the shortcuts of your software.

Avid, Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, and DaVinci Resolve all have theirs. It’s recommended that at the beginning, you should practice using some basic shortcuts. Then, utilize the others after mastering the basics to reduce editing time.

7. Try Color Correction

Color is an effective emotion in footage that produces particular subjects. With color correction, every raw footage clip transforms and balances to interpret underlying images. The moods of scenes and their essences are nicely expressed with a little adjustment.

Then, together with it, there is color grading. This is among the essential edits for making a scene appeal to people better and look real. Therefore, you can re-edit and add some glow. Though many video editing tools provide color functions, the editor will be able to adjust the hues expertly.

8. Pick a Right Music

Powerful footage will astonish people, and in addition, choosing the proper music is essential. Using a piece of good music will trigger proper emotions in your audience. At first, as you practice, you’re free to pick from the royalty-free music online.

Then, as you gain better expertise in the editing process, you’re also free to utilize any paid song subscription. Also, in music, sound effect is crucial and plays an important role. Background noise, sound effects, or other similar audio will enable people to feel and experience videos more.

Mixing songs and sound effects properly makes one’s short film footage appear natural and also flow well. Pick a music type that goes properly with the graphics. It’ll help ensure that one’s viewers receive magical experiences.

9. Don’t Overuse Effects or Songs

Adding lots of songs and visual effects when editing videos is enticing. There are a variety of options with tools now, and trying out multiple effects is, without a doubt, a way of self-improving. However, overusing something is not good and proper.

It has been noticed that new users usually overuse sound and visual effects because they have the feeling that using lots of these will enable the footage to attract more attention. However, most times, this turns out to be the opposite. Overusing all these will lead to distraction on the part of the viewers and make them no longer interested in your video. In addition, overusing a transition visual effect isn’t good because this will make your video look exaggerated.

10. Stabilizing Footage

You wouldn’t like your final product to appear shaky or low quality after investing a lot of time and effort. Therefore, it’s essential to be stabilizing video footage. Different plug-ins, together with tools and some effects in one’s video editing software, ensure that aligning footage and altering its effect is easy and effective.

Stabilizing raw footage is essential whenever you want to edit short films and video productions. You’re free to check out various top third-party plug-ins. They will offer you outstanding after-effects and additionally enable you to create great projects.


You need to develop your editing skills because the need for video creators, training clips, presentations, and editor roles in firms keeps increasing as the day goes by. As stated before, as one practices more and more, he will keep improving his skills. When you continue to edit, you’ll eventually become used to editing and all its tactics.

It isn’t a must to own a sophisticated device and technological equipment to start shooting a powerful film. One is also free to shoot projects, making use of his phone to try out his video editing skills. You’ll begin to produce advanced and powerful movies for your YouTube channel anytime you want. Whether you’re a student editor who is still starting in video editing or you are already an expert, the entire point is to improve your skills significantly.



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