The Best Casino Bingo Games to Play Online


Bingo is an incredibly entertaining game that is accessible to just about everyone. That accounts for the enduring popularity that it has enjoyed throughout the decades.

It is a game that both young and old people love and that means it can help to bridge the generation gap. The main difference between those demographics is that young people mostly play online bingo whereas older people choose the traditional version of the game.

They are really the same thing though, because online bingo games usually follow the classic bingo format. The exception to that can be the exciting casino bingo games found at some online sites.

These games take the standard bingo format and then shake it up a little by blending it with other popular casino games. If you want to find out the best of those games to play, keep reading this article.

Amazonia Bingo

This game is what is known in the industry as a bingo slot. That is a mix of a casino game and a bingo one that eliminates the bingo caller and replaces them with the reels that you would normally expect to find on a slot.

Those reels are spun and you see if you have the numbers on your card to provide a winning row or even a coveted full house. It is very simple but lots of fun and Amazonia Bingo is one of the best bingo slots out there.

It follows the 30-ball bingo format and is packed with fantastic bingo bonuses that can significantly enhance your gameplay. The size of your payout depends on what pattern your winning line is and can vary from 1500x your wager to 3x.

It is also a game that comes with a progressive jackpot, which you can win if you score a ‘bingo’ with any of the first 30 balls you play. It is a top game for bingo and casino fans then. Just do some comparing of online sites to find one that offers it.

Slingo Starburst

Slingo Starburst is a slingo game – something that is often confused with bingo slots. The two are not the same though, as bingo slots are simply bingo games that use the reel feature of a slot game instead of a caller.

Slingo games are actual slot machines, so they have common slot features like free spins and wild or scatter reel icons. They also have a return-to-player (RTP) percentage indicating what your winning odds are per spin.

At 96.5%, Slingo Starburst has one of the best percentages and that is a very good reason to give it a go. Another is the bonus round, which activates at the close of the game, or when the ‘collect’ button is pressed.

It involves a ladder that you have to make your way up. At the top is the Starburst Wild that spreads across the reels and produces free spins and further winning number combinations.

Slingo Starburst is a fine mix of bingo and slot gaming that can be found at most slingo sites.

The Race Track 

The Race Track is the creation of Pragmatic Play, a company rated among the finest casino game producers. It is an innovative affair that places bingo within a racing setting and gives you the chance to play alongside other bingo lovers.

It is another 30-ball selection and e-cards can be bought for just pennies a time. That small investment can win you much larger sums – another reason why it is a great game.

30-ball bingo is one of the most rapid-fire versions of the game too, so you will be able to enjoy lots of plays at The Race Track in a single gaming session. It is available at Bet365 as part of an exclusive deal with Pragmatic Play.

Superlinks Bingo

Maybe you would prefer to just play a classic game of bingo rather than one of these fancy variants? If so, Superlinks Bingo is easily the best such game on the market.

Found at the Monopoly Casino, it follows the 90-ball format. That is still the single most popular version of bingo around the world.

There is a total of more than £35,000 in prize money on offer with Superlinks Bingo every single day. On top of that, the game boasts something called a Super Jackpot. The size of this is kept a secret, but clearly it is more money than £35,000.

That jackpot is claimed by anyone who can land the full house of numbers on their card within 38 balls or less. Now you know why this is one of the top bingo choices and why you need to play it next time you are looking for some fun.

These are the casino bingo games that should not be missed by any fans of bingo.



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