Top 5 Sports Betting Books for Beginners

Online sports betting

Sports betting can be very overwhelming for beginners. Individuals who are absolutely in love with sports tend to eventually explore sports betting at one point of time or another. Experts in the industry have written several books on sports betting. Some of these books might confuse newbies because of the complicated terminologies being used at times. However, there are several other books that are perfectly dedicated to assist beginners in understanding the industries and the best strategies to win real money. Online sports betting is not as complex as you might think. Let’s get you acquainted with the top 5 books that you can seriously consider:

  1. Sports Betting for Dummies

Sports Betting for Dummies is ranked among the best books dedicated to sports gambling today. If you have never gambled before in your life then this book explains the perfect way to begin. Written by Swain Scheps, Sports Betting for Dummies actually helps you understand the industry right from the start. You can gain knowledge on the terminologies and the best practices of sports betting in a constructive and step by step manner. It also sheds light on the different types of bets that you can make. 

  1. The Everything Guide to Sports Betting

The second book on our list is written by Josh Applebaum. The author has given a complete insight into the way that the sports betting industry works from both sides. He showcases how sports viewing can be closely related to betting and how it actually alleviates the excitement levels for fans. Guidelines on the dos and donts are also explained to ensure you do not lose money. There are several dangers associated with sports betting that are taught explicitly as well. A beautiful description on the strategic wagering practices are also included to help you earn real money on

  1. The Complete Guide to Sports Betting

The fourth book on our list is The Complete Guide to Sports Betting which was written by Kevin Dolan. The book is very straight and to the point. It’s an in-depth discussion on how the sports betting system actually works and how online sportsbooks can be used to make multiple bets at the same time. Focus is laid on the strategies that are typically used by sports betting experts and professionals round the globe. A description on the smart money players is an important part of the book. The best part of the book is the explanation on how new players can also start making profit from the beginning. 

  1. The Logic of Sports Betting

The book begins with a detailed explanation on the basics of sports betting and how lines are presented in the sportsbooks. That is the very reason that this book by Ed Miller and Matthew Davidow stands on the fourth position of our list. The authors give a strong understanding of the types of bets, the best strategies, how to beat the house and logics that are implemented by sportsbooks.  

  1. Guide to Sports Betting

Ian Hudson’s book – Guide to Sports Betting has made it to the fifth position of our top rated books in this category. If you are looking to not only understand the subject of sports betting but also the tournaments or events that carry the potential to give you the best outcomes then this is the best book to refer to. The author has taken out time to teach the newcomers on how to make the best profits from the online sportsbooks in today’s times. The strategies mentioned by Hudson have helped several players in understanding the game and reaching new milestones. 


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