Top 10 Long-Distance Sex Toys for Remote Pleasure


In this modern age, technology has made distance almost irrelevant. With our phones, we can stay up to date on what our friends and family are doing, we can talk to them whenever we want, and we can see them whenever we want through a video call. We can even meet and date people entirely online, going through many phases of the relationship without ever seeing each other in person, truly living up to the fact that we’re in a long distance relationship.

But long-distance relationships are where distance hurts the most. Chatting on the phone or through video goes a long way to bring two people together, but human beings naturally crave physical interaction, intimate touch, and bodily affection.

That’s where your phone really fails. You can text your partner, you can send each other enticing and erotic photos or videos, and you can engage in kinky video calls…but that’s as far as you can get. You can’t touch each other across long distances, or stimulate each other, or please each other sexually…

Or at least that’s how it was a few years ago. Back then, people in long-distance relationships had nothing to help them close that distance and bring each other physical pleasure. Something like that seemed like a science-fiction dream, and not reality.

But not anymore.

In recent years, sex toy companies have been working hard to make sure that people in long-distance relationships can please each other sexually and be as intimate as possible.

And it’s all thanks to Long Distance Vibrators!

Long Distance Vibrators are app controlled vibrators that work across long distances, even if the person controlling the vibe is in one continent, and the vibe itself is in another!

But there are now hundreds of Long Distance Vibrators. Which ones should you look into buying? 

We’re here to help with our list of 10 Best Long Distance Vibrators!

  1. LOLI by Honey Play Box

$65 on HoneyPlayBox

The LOLI is an all-around treasure of a sex toy. Featuring seamless Bluetooth and app controlled connectivity, the LOLI is an absolute must when it comes to long-distance pleasure.

Featuring a sleek, comfortable, wearable design, the LOLI can turn any outing into an erotic game. Its two powerful motors can please both your G-Spot and your clit at the same time!

With 9 vibration intensities, there are plenty of ways the erotic game can go. Your partner can start things off with some light pleasure and work their way up from there, or they can blast you with the most intense pleasure when you’re least expecting it.

It’ll be a truly surprising and engaging sex game!

With Honey Play Box’s app, distance means nothing and you can enjoy the most intimate pleasure, even across the longest of distances (as long as you have Wi-Fi!).

2. Max 2 & Nora by Lovesense

sex toy

$398 on Lovense

The Max 2 and Nora bundle at Lovesense is a great option to really up your long-distance sex game! 

It features Nora, a rabbit vibrator, and Max 2, a male masturbator, allowing a couple to enjoy vaginal and penis stimulation and control it with Lovesense’s app.

These toys are packed with features and are great on their own. Together, they’re a premium package that’s sure to help keep the flame of your love alive, even across the longest of distances.

The only downside here is the steep price tag. However, this would make the perfect anniversary present or going away gift if your partner is leaving on a long business trip.

Or you could always split the cost!

3. CUPID by Honey Play Box

sex toy

$69.99 on HoneyPlayBox

Talk about a truly unique app controlled vibrator for couple’s, the CUPID is a breath of fresh air in the kinkiest way imaginable!

This set of egg vibrators can be enjoyed both internally or externally, giving you 9 different vibration intensities. 

But that’s not all! CUPID’s egg vibrators have removable tops that turn one or both of them into vibrating nipple clamps, giving you a truly unique kind of pleasure for either solo or couple’s play. You could use one as a vibrating nipple clamp on yourself and then insert the other one in your vagina, or enjoy one egg vibrator yourself and hand the other to your partner.

As if all that weren’t enough, it’s an app enabled, app controlled, Bluetooth sex toy. With a toy this versatile, you and your partner can enjoy a complex erotic game even across long distances. They could tell you to use it as vibrating nipple clamps, to use one egg vibrator to stimulate your anus and the other to stimulate your vagina, or use two to stimulate the same place, the possibilities are endless!

4. Ella Neo by SVAKOM

sex toy

$79 at WalMart

If you’re looking for many different kinds of pleasure in one toy, the Ella Neo offers internal vaginal and anal pleasure, as well as external clitoral pleasure.

It can be controlled with the button on the vibrating egg, the button on the retrieval egg (perfect for when it’s inside an anus) or the app.

The toy’s silky smooth silicone is ribbed for extra pleasure, and its compact size means it can reach deeper for more intense pleasure.

Like all the toys on this list, this is an app controlled vibrator that’s perfect for when you and your partner are apart, and ideal for keeping the passion alive in long-distance relationships!

5. JOI THRUST by Honey Play Box

sex toy

$79.99 at Honey Play Box

The JOI THRUST is a G-Spot Vibrator and Clit Licker, giving you two kinds of stimulation and twice the pleasure.

It’s also completely an app controlled and Bluetooth sex toy, pairing with the HoneyPlayBox app.

It offers realistic tongue-licking and thrusting motions, with 9 thrusting vibration and 9 Clit Licking modes, giving you a wealth of different combinations to explore.

Your partner can control it across long-distances seamlessly, stimulating you with double the pleasure and shrinking the distance, turning your time apart into intimate sex play!

6. Pulse Solo by Kiiroo

sex toy

$179 on Kiiroo

If you’re missing your partner’s touch on your penis, then look no further than the Pulse Solo by Kiiroo. This app controlled sex toy vibrates to video calls and interactive adult films, allowing you to make virtual sex even better!

Your partner can share their favorite adult films (with compatible sites) and you can watch together while the Pulse Solo pleases you. Turn your video calls into kinky movie nights with someone else controlling your pleasure.

It’ll be a fun, exciting, and original couple’s game!

7. Curvy + by Satisfyer

sex toy

$34 on Amazon

If you love oral sex and you and your partner are apart, the Curvy + is a great option!

It pleases your clitoris without even touching it, using pressure waves with Air Pulse Technology along with negative pressure.

This Bluetooth sex toy connects with the Satisfyer app, allowing your partner to control it and give you oral pleasure, even from a distance!

8. FanFan Couples Massager by Zalo

sex toy

$159 on ZaloUsa

Like the We-Vibe Chorus, the FanFan by Zalo is another vibrator meant to stimulate two people at once. However, this one is made specifically for a person with a vulva to wear during penetration. The internal part of the toy stimulates your vagina, while the external part stimulates both your clitoris and your partner’s penis.

The FanFan was designed to make intercourse more pleasurable for both parties, and it’s a fully app enabled sex toy as well, meaning you can control it without moving it or repositioning it to reach for buttons.

Like the We-Vibe Chorus, this app connectivity also means that your partner can control it to please you when you are apart, or vice versa. This is another perfect toy for frequent flyers!

9. We-Vibe Chorus

sex toy

$209 on We-Vibe

The We-Vibe Chorus is a very popular couple’s vibrator. Designed to please two people at once, this app enabled sex toy can stimulate one person internally and the other externally. 

The neat thing about this vibe is that, if you love using it and you’re accustomed to it being a part of your couple’s time, you can keep using it even when you’re apart. One of you using the app to control it and another being stimulated by it.

The Chorus lets you continue your erotic game across long distances, making it the perfect toy if you’re constantly traveling for work. This is a truly wonderful long distance remote controlled vibrator!

10. Lush 3, by Lovense

$129 on Amazon

The Lush 3 by Lovesense is a wearable vibrator. It’s a delightful app controlled vibrator that can be worn inside a pair of panties. It has a wide range of vibration options, while still being very quiet, generating only 45.5 dB at its fastest setting. Like most toys that can be controlled via an app, the Lush 3 is a Bluetooth sex toy that features an advanced Bluetooth antenna.

However, this toy was very clearly designed with a vulva in mind. Its curved shape makes it perfect for that anatomy, but not for someone who doesn’t have a vulva and would have to try it anally. 

You should only consider the Lush 3 if you’re interested in wearing it in your panties. If you’re only going to hold it in your hand, you should look into a toy with a much more traditional shape. 

Take Away

So there you have it! 

If you or someone you know is in a long-distance relationship, this list should give you plenty of choices to keep that erotic flame lit and turn it into a raging fire!

With these toys, the science-fiction dream of experiencing the joy of sexual pleasure across long distances is now a reality.

The stress and fear of long trips or moving to a different country than your partner can be addressed by amazing technology.

Try these toys out and you’ll realize that love and sexual pleasure have no borders!


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