2023’s best online slots


Slots are one of the most popular online games around right now, and they’re showing no signs of slowing down. Online slots are so popular because they are fast to learn, easy to play and perhaps more importantly – they have no time demands. 

Unlike many games, slots can be played for a few seconds if that is all the time you have. It makes it easier for hyper-casual gamers to play the games they enjoy the most – with no real pressures. 

What are online slots? 

Slots are one of the easiest casino games for people to learn. All you need to do is hit the spin button until the right symbols come out. Although each slot will have a slightly different reward, pay lines and symbols, the premise is mostly the same. 

 Since slots are completely random, you won’t need to rely on anything more than luck and a reasonable bankroll. You can find slots with more than the standard three reels that were once the dominant option and a range of fun bonus games that specific symbols can trigger. 

And, where it was once only fruit, it is now multiple different symbols, which will be dictated by the theme of the slot. 

Why are online slots so popular? 

There are several reasons that online slots are so popular – and one of the reasons that more people play them than almost any other casino game. 


With access to great devices (tablets and smartphones) and high-speed internet, there has never been a better time to play online than right now. 

So long as your device has some battery and you have either data or access to Wi-Fi, you can play. 


As mentioned earlier, you don’t need to learn anything special to really enjoy playing slots. It is one of the most player-friendly casino games around. There are thousands of theme options, and you can opt for simple three-reels or choose ones with five reels and more pay lines. 

Free Play 

Since casinos want to entice you into playing their slots, there are hundreds of free play slots online. So, you can enjoy finding the games that you really like to play without risking any money. 


Since you can play from anywhere with the right device and internet connection – that includes playing from your couch or bed if you want to! Although you could sit at your PC and play if you wanted to. Playing slots online is more comfortable than ever – because you can play from wherever you like. 


Consumer technology has improved a significant amount in the last few years, which is what allows us to enjoy these games. The technology that developers have has also seen significant improvements – culminating in some of the best online slots around. 

Which slots should you be playing? 

These are the highest-rated must-play slot games for 2023. 


Starburst has been popular since its release and is showing no signs of stopping. Starburst has five reels and three rows so that it will feel familiar to new players and seasoned slot-pros alike. With ten paylines it doesn’t have the highest on the market, but pays both ways, and you can enjoy bonuses like respins and expanding wilds. 

Sweet Bonanza 

One of the brightest and cutest slots on the market is Sweet Bonanza. It is a cartoon-looking in terms of style, and with Sweet Bonanza, you don’t need to consider things like adjacent lines, starting combinations or paylines – because no matter where the symbol is on the screen, if you have enough of them, you’ll scoop a win. 

What makes Sweet Bonanza more fun is that it has a feature often found in other games: the winning symbols will explode, and new symbols will appear – like games like Candy Crush. 

Book of Dead

You’ll head off an adventure with Rich Wilde to help him unlock the mysteries in the tomb and get to the Book of Dead. The graphics and music are Ancient Egyptian inspired, and all the symbols lean toward that, too. 

You’ll find Anubis, eagles, and a pharaoh, as well as a regal-looking background. The reels lay within a burial chamber, and as far as slots with a strong theme go – this one fits the bill. 

9 Pots of Gold

For those familiar with the Rainbow Riches theme, you’ll be right at home with 9 Pots of Gold. Our lucky leprechaun is back in this one. With a great 20 paylines across five reels, in combination with an above-market average RTP of 96.24% this one is highly popular. 

So, the next time you find yourself looking for an easy-to-play game that you can even play from your bed, check out one of these popular slots.


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